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ERP in the pharma sector

Field-specific pharma ERP-solutions for your business

The pharma sector is facing more and more challenges. Especially demographical changes and cuts in budgets are decisive for healthcare systems. Pharmaceutical companies can face these phenomena through digitalization of business processes.Several operational procedures interplay in development, production and distributions of drugs. In order to manage all steps, we offer sector-specific pharma-ERP so you can interlink your businesses’ processes and optimize them to reduce valuable time and costs.
IT Services für die Life Sciences Branche

Use our ERP for the pharma industry for your business processes

We offer you sector-specific software based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 which doesn’t just offer the usual requirements of an ERP-System, but is also tailored to the life-science and pharma industry. Using our Pharma-ERP-System, you benefit of the following advantages:

  • Recording and monitoring of all processes combined in a single software
  • Central management of all business processes
  • Efficient product planning
  • Smart formulation management
  • Precise capacity planning
  • Structured hazardous substance management and handling
  • Batch management and traceability
  • Stock management and logistics
  • Updated order entry
  • Simplified exchange of data with costumer and suppliers
  • Support in accounting and offerings
  • Efficient use of your storage capacities
  • Tracking of shipments
  • Accelerated order entries and processing
  • Structured quality management

Our business-IT helps you via interlinking of processes and departments to assure your businesses’ transparency and efficiency.

Helpful ERP-solutions for upper-medium sized businesses in the pharma industry

In our consulting, we focus on the platform Windows Dynamics 365 for medium sized companies in the pharma industry as well as global players. When you partner with Sycor, we will support you in the following areas:

  • Flexible and mobile working
  • Selection and provision of an individual software-solution for your company
  • Creation of the perfect ERP-System for your needs
  • GxP-correct development of your products
  • Consideration of all guidelines for GAMP 5
  • Increase of our productivity and measures for cost reduction
  • Development of your businesses’ success

Invest in the future now

Interlinked working within the frameworks of digitalization is the future for all businesses. Contact us and we will help you to develop your perfect pharma ERP-system.  The Cloud system will help you to be able to adapt to all changes and conditions in the pharma industry and create your individual software. You will have the system at hand to easily adapt your tools according to your needs.

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You are interested in our Microsoft services for the the chemical sector? Then please contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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