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The Sycor philosophy

In addition to our mission, our vision, and clearly defined strategy, our values and guidelines are the key components of our corporate culture. Together with our leadership guidelines, these components form the foundation for the work we do every day. They determine our company's direction and scope and create transparency and trust: our employees, customers and partners know what they can expect from us.
The Sycor philosophy

Customer and employee focus

Our customers' needs are at the center of everything we do: our goal is successful and long-term relationships with our customers. We offer our customers sustained IT support along their entire value chain – around the clock and 365 days a year if needed. 

We know that our employees ensure our success as a service provider.

That's why employee focus is extremely important to us. Only satisfied employees provide outstanding support for customers and their own company – and make both successful in the long-term. With their knowledge, motivation and enthusiasm for their work, they uphold our quality pledge in all our projects throughout the world. 

Together, we give IT a face!

Our quality pledge

Our quality pledge applies all over the world and can be summed up by a simple formula: 

We are only happy when our customers are happy!

Our customers can expect end-to-end solutions from us that are always tailored to individual requirements, reliable and quality-assured. Excellent service before and after purchase is part of our comprehensive understanding of quality.

Our own high quality standards and pursuit of continuous improvement are firmly and unconditionally anchored in our corporate values. And we want to be judged according to these values – this is evidenced by our satisfied customers and of course our certificates and awards. 

Mission | Vision | Strategy

The Sycor philosophy: Our mission


In our mission, we strive to maintain a customer-oriented approach rather than a product-focused one. Our customers' long-term success is at the core of our mission, and our services support and further this success. 

We fulfill our customers' needs with our ITC solutions.

We ensure the business success of our customers through selected services in the field of information and communications technology. 

The Sycor philosophy: Our strategy


Our strategy outlines the methods we aim to use to create value for our customers. It calls for a clear specification of target customer segments within our business areas. We offer solutions tailored to the needs of companies within our target groups. Our customers can expect a solution which completely meets their needs, excellent service before and after purchase as well as high-quality customer relations. We understand the business and personal circumstances which affect our customers. 

Our goal is to maintain long-lasting partnerships driven by high customer satisfaction.

All our business areas are characterized by a unique competitive edge that helps them attain a leading position within their target groups. This competitive edge is the product of brand identity and/or awareness in the target group as well as an orientation toward customer needs and customer relations.

The Sycor philosophy: our vision


Our mid-term and long-term goals demonstrate how we want to be seen by those around us. We are a leading international medium-sized service provider. 

Our customers perceive us as a fair and reliable partner, which helps us establish sustainable customer relations. 

We lead by example when it comes to quality of service and the way we approach people. We ensure our growth through above-average profits in our business areas.

Values and guidelines

Our shared values and guidelines provide a framework for the actions of our employees. Our values provide guidance and define what is most important for us in our day-to-day work. They connect us to each other – and to our customers and partners.

The people we deal with are important to us.

We listen. We respect them. We make sure they are satisfied.

Quality is the measure of our services.

We impress. We act responsibly. We never stop improving ourselves.

Expertise is the foundation of everything we do.

We learn. We develop. We implement.

Sincerity determines the way we interact with others.

We are respectful. We are honest. We are reliable.

Fun is the driving force behind our work.

We generate creative ideas. We motivate and are motivated. We identify with our work.

Leadership guidelines

Our leadership guidelines define our shared understanding of leadership ability. They are authoritative, and compliance with them can be demanded by everyone in the company. As such, they form the basis of trust.

The Sycor philosophy: Leadership guidelines

Role models

We are role models for our employees. As managers...

  • we represent Sycor in our professional and private lives and exemplify the company's values
  • we accept criticism, regularly obtain feedback and use this input to identify opportunities for improvement
  • we keep our promises and are reliable and fair to our employees
  • we have a respectful, loyal relationship with our employees and resolve conflicts constructively
  • we admit our own mistakes and learn from them.
The Sycor philosophy: Leadership guidelines


We think and act in a business-oriented way. As managers...

  • we are responsible for implementing Sycor’s strategy and achieving goals
  • we explain Sycor’s strategy and goals to our employees and ensure that they focus on them in their daily work
  • we take responsibility for our employees and tasks, make necessary decisions and implement them
  • we analyze our market situation and customer requirements to ensure our long-term success.
The Sycor philosophy: Leadership guidelines


We foster self-reliance in our employees. As managers...

  • we acknowledge the abilities and interests of our employees
  • we give our employees room to grow
  • we give them responsibility and help them put it into practice
  • we encourage learning from mistakes as a way of ensuring continual self-improvement.
The Sycor philosophy: Leadership guidelines


We encourage teamwork among our employees. As managers...

  • we always involve our employees in important issues
  • we support the interests of our employees and foster them in their everyday work
  • we encourage a sense of togetherness and enjoyment of our work
  • we encourage motivation and teamwork at the departmental level and throughout our company
  • we create an atmosphere of mutual trust at work.
The Sycor philosophy: Leadership guidelines


We encourage open communication within the company. As managers...

  • we take the time to meet with employees and actively listen to them
  • we provide prompt, comprehensive information
  • we give our employees honest and constructive feedback
  • we are unbiased in our discussions with employees, but value conflict resolution over harmony
  • we encourage employees to communicate openly with all their fellow employees.

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