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IT Security
Sycor.Zero Trust
The IT Security Model for companies protecting themselves against cyber attacks, data loss and sabotage.

Sycor.ZeroTrust - 
The IT Security Model of the Future

IT security is more in demand for companies than ever before. Cyber attacks, data loss or sabotage have long since become a reality in many companies. It is not only customer data and employee information that needs to be protected, but also day-to-day business such as merchandise management systems or production processes that must be secured in order to avoid downtime and losses. A recent study commissioned by the BMWi on IT security in German companies came to the following conclusions (source): 
of all companies
About 2/3 of all companies in Germany have already been victims of cyber attacks.
of companies with more than one location in Germany were victims of at least one cyber attack last year.
in damages incurred on average in direct costs due to manual hacking.
Nevertheless, more than 50 percent of German SMEs rated the risk of a cyber attack as low.

What does Zero Trust mean?

Zero Trust is a security concept that meets today's requirements for IT infrastructures - consisting of hybrid sourcing variants and the demand to be accessible remotely from anywhere at any time. It is not individual network areas that are protected; instead, access request of an identity has to be verified, no matter from which device or via which connection the user tries to access certain company resources. Authentication is based on identity- and role-based access rights via a hybrid Active Directory.

Structure of the Sycor.Zero Trust Security Model

Zero Trust is based on the principle: Nothing is safe! This means that every request from your own network is checked as if it came from outside. No distinction is made between the target and the benefit of the request. Each request to the network is thus verified before each access, provided with corrections and then encrypted again. The process is supported by microsegmentation. In addition, analytics and business intelligence systems protect by constantly monitoring the processes, detecting deviations and blocking suspicious activities if necessary.

Security Journey mit Sycor.ManagedSecurity

What are the components of a Zero Trust model?


Identity recognition should be secured by high verification procedures.

End devices

Get an overview of all company devices. This creates the basis for checking each device for trustworthiness and compliance before each access.


The internal network is often overlooked. Constantly protect it, too, with encryption, access permissions, and microsegmentation.


The data-driven Zero Trust principle replaces perimeter-based security models. This is supported by business intelligence and corporate policies that limit access rights.


Your infrastructure should be based on granting each user only the most necessary access rights. Evaluate access to your systems through telemetry and record irregularities in user behavior.


Create an authorization system for all applications and users in your company. Adjust the respective usage per user according to the tasks. Here, the principle applies that each user receives only the most necessary authorizations.

Holistic strategy and comprehensive consulting

Companies need a comprehensive, long-term resilience strategy and an associated zero-trust strategy. However, this is not something that can be implemented in a time-limited IT project. This is because the concerns of all areas of the company whose work is based in some way on IT infrastructure must be included - a strategic ongoing task that will accompany companies on their path to digitalization. Start planning and choose the approach that best fits your situation and goals.

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