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  • Work easily and securely from home 

    Sycor Best Practices for your business

    Work easily and 
    securely from home 

    The Corona pandemic has led to many employees increasingly working from home offices. For companies, however, this raises many challenges and questions. With our solutions and services, we want to support you in equipping your employees quickly and securely with modern and safe technology. 

    Does your company need to enable home office workplaces for employees?

    Do they need full access to applications for your daily business?

    Your employees want to work easily and flexibly as well as mobile?

    Are you concerned that the home office will open the door to cybercriminals and jeopardise compliance?

    The Sycor experts help you quickly and easily implement the productive and secure connection of your core applications from the home office.

    Productivity and safety, suitable for your operation:

    We establish the necessary security functions with Microsoft Cloud services for your "remote workers" and protect your organisation from cyber attacks and uncontrolled data loss.

    The advantages

    Service Packages

    Tailored to all home 
    office requirements


    Best practices guarantee fast and short-term implementation

    For all 

    We ensure that normal as well as e.g. graphic performance workplaces are realised

    Security Service Management*

    Proactive action in the 
    event of security incidents

    * Business Package 

    Security Workshop**

    Hands On Experience & Recommendations for Action for your Microsoft Environment

     ** Premium Package


    Permanent further development of the connectivity and security services

    ***Depending on customer IT infrastructure

    Increase productivity from the home office in combination 
    with our service Sycor.Managed Security

    Application examples of Sycor's home office offer

    Simple and secure 
    provision of 
    office workstations

    • Microsoft 365 offers you a productive home office with integrative security solutions such as conditional access & 2 factor authentication.
    • Use your Windows 10 licence to access your business applications with Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

    Do your work in production and development comfortably and securely from home

    • Adobe Suite or AutoCAD, as well as other graphics software
    • High-performance computers are not needed
    • Multiple screens possible

    security for 
    your field staff 

    • Power Point presentations
    • Access to ERP, CRM or local file services
    • Special software for your industry, e.g. image databases or configuration software

    Sample calculation


    100 workstations with Sycor.Managed Security including 10 virtual workstations via Windows Virtual Desktop.

    Security as a Service – 

    IT Security made easier than ever

    Added value for your business


    • Easy implementation and use of M365 security functions
    • Low administration effort thanks to automation of IT security as a managed service

    IT security

    • Implementation of over 200 security settings according to Sycor best practices
    • Consistent security policies incl. monitoring and correction
    • IT security always up-to-date
    • No own security know-how required

    compliance management

    • Managed Security 365 helps to meet legal requirements (e.g. DSGVO).
    • Always remain in control thanks to central rights and user management

    We look forward to working together

    Sycor stands by its customers as an experienced partner. We have comprehensive expert knowledge from more than 20 years of IT projects and operational experience.

    You benefit from a proven process model that we have developed together with our partner Microsoft Germany based on the latest technologies and tools. Get in touch with us.

    Florian Schlee

    Sales Manager
    Technologie Services
    +49 89 30 77 30 35

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