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What are the most common errors and deficits in ERP validation? On-premises, cloud or hybrid - which usage model is right for our business? How can my company archive digital documents with legal compliance? How long does it take to implement SAP S/4HANA? What advantages does SAP S/4HANA offer companies and users after the changeover? How do we obtain a 360° view of all customers and other business units via a single point of truth? With which CRM system do we achieve an individual customer experience for our customers? What do I need to consider when changing my ERP system to the cloud? How can I optimize my SAP licensing model? How can we use change management to increase the success of our IT projects? Which user-friendly collaboration tools can our employees use to collaborate virtually and efficiently? How can I avoid under or over licensing? What benefits does the SAP Cloud Platform bring to my company?
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Our more than 600 experts would like to accompany you on your way to digitalization, anticipate your current and future requirements and thus secure your business success. Get answers about Microsoft, SAP, CRM, AMS, IoT, communication, collaboration, security, and much more from these experts.
Jonas Kieselbach

Expert for Modern Workplace Solutions

+49 40 309 93 99 43

Erol Anil

Expert for license cost optimization and cloud compliance

+49 89 307 731 32

Jan Oldigs

Expert for Cloud Transformation

+49 551 490 2467

Timo Motejat

Expert for Data Center Transformation, SAP on Azure & Managed Services

+49 551 490 2725

Alexander Osterbrink

Expert for CRM, Power Platform, Change and Training

+49 551 383 98 12

Andreas Czech

Expert for SAP Cloud

+49 211 98 43 11 16

Dietmar Lohr

Expert for SAP S/4HANA

+49 711 75 85 92 11

Oliver Mittermeier

Expert for Application Management Services

+49 551 490 2566

Jörg Lüthge

Expert for Rental Solutions

+49 551 490 2235

Markus Heinze

Expert for Retail Solutions

+49 551 490 2612

Markus Drengk

Expert for Microsoft solutions

+49 931 870 995 11

Karsten Meuters

Expert for SAP S/4HANA Conversion

+49 211 98 43 11 13

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