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ERP for upper-medium sized businesses

Integrate an ERP system for your medium sized company with us

Just a few medium sized businesses use all the benefits of a modern ERP-system. Especially the process optimization can cause an increase in your company’s productivity. We offer you diverse industry-specific solutions with which you can easily adapt for your medium-sized business.

On Focus: all business processes

However, not only the core company management processes such as finance, HR, production, and logistics are included – all business processes are integrated. By using a single system, you gain access to comprehensive analysis possibilities, establish the necessary transparency throughout the company, and simplify compliance. Fast reporting with real-time information helps you always stay one step ahead. This is made possible by using a single database that is accessed by all the ERP system's applications.

Selection and implementation – tailor-made to meet your requirements

In order to provide optimum support along the entire value chain in your company, the ERP system must be tailored precisely to the needs of your business and industry. It should be scalable in regards to company size and flexible in the integration of third-party systems and other technologies.

Enterprise resource planning – transparent processes and real-time data for the success of your business.

ERP is worthwhile for medium sized businesses

Up to a certain point, you can use Exel-charts and look at processes individually. But when your company’s size increases, memory capacity and an effective super-structure is needed. Our ERP-System for medium sized businesses offers exactly that: We help you to connect processes interdepartmental and see through all the parts of your business. This will help you to identify weaknesses and eliminate potential sources of errors.

Stay competitive!

By using our ERP-Software for medium sized businesses, you will stay competitive in relation to other companies. Orders are fulfilled faster and more efficiently via an interdepartmental workflow. By using ERP you can, amongst others, coordinate:

  • Development
  • Offer preparation
  • Resource planning
  • Purchases
  • Distribution
  • Product planning
  • Billing
  • Customer management
  • Finances and accounting
  • Resource planning
  • Quality control
  • Order management
  • Storage and logistics

Sector-specific ERP-solutions for medium sized companies

Each sector has different needs for an ERP-software. In addition to a view basic functions, each business software should provide individual and sector-specific services. We  have specialized for medium sized businesses. 

Put your trust in our expertise and we will provide you with ERP solutions for medium-sized businesses that are specifically tailored to your needs and requirements.

Benefit from our expertise and gain a competitive advantage.

We not only implement an ERP-system – NO. We create a sector-specific, holistic business IT with modifiable processes, support and technical know-how. 

Why Sycor?

We have collected extensive process and solution expertise with various business management systems in numerous international projects for midsize enterprises. Thus we can provide individual, competent, and quality-assured assistance with the implementation of an ERP system suited for your business, on-premise or in the cloud.

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