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Keeping what is proven and investing in the future: The migration to SAP S/4HANA

Optimally prepare the existing SAP system, implement sub-projects, and thereby simplify the conversion without affecting ongoing operations.

Several sub-projects instead of one large project: the advantages at a glance...

  • The migration project becomes more manageable and calculable
  • Each completed subproject is a visible success
  • The results of individual subprojects are not lost if changes are made or the project is paused
  • Operational business can remain largely unaffected
  • For each subproject, you can decide anew whether to adopt the established process including data structure or to implement changes already now.

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With the experience gained from numerous SAP migration concepts, we have developed a concept that makes migration much easier for medium-sized companies: breaking down the overall project into meaningful, individually defined sub-projects. 

Each of these sub-projects can be implemented and completed individually. The next sub-project does not necessarily have to follow immediately, but is implemented when it fits in terms of time and resources. The initially unmanageable SAP migration project is given a clear structure. All subprojects are completed with clearly defined interim results that will endure in any case.

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Head of SAP S/4HANA
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