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ERP for mid-sized to large businesses

ERP system implementation for your mid-sized to large business

Optimize your processes and increase your company’s productivity. We offer you diverse ERP implementation services and solutions that can be easily adapted to your business.

All business processes at a glance

Integrate not only your core business management processes, such as finance, HR, production, and logistics, but all processes needed to run your business. By using a single system, you gain access to comprehensive analysis possibilities, establish the necessary transparency throughout the company, and simplify compliance. Fast reporting with real-time information helps you remain one step ahead. This is made possible by using a single database that is accessed by all your ERP system's applications.

Selection and implementation – tailor-made to meet your requirements

In order to provide optimum support along your company's entire value chain, your ERP system must be tailored precisely to the needs of your business and industry. It should be scalable in regards to company size and flexible in the integration of third-party systems and other technologies.

ERP System Implementation

An ERP system implementation is worthwhile for medium sized businesses

Up to a certain point, you can use Excel tables and look at processes individually. However, when your company grows, so does the importance of more storage capacity and structure. Our ERP systems offer exactly that: As your ERP implementation partner, we help you connect processes across departments and make your entire business more transparent. This helps you identify weaknesses and eliminate potential sources of error.

Stay competitive

By using our ERP software for mid-sized to large businesses, you will be able to maintain your competitive edge. Orders will be fulfilled faster and more efficiently thanks to cross-departmental collaboration. With an ERP system, you will align the following areas, among others:

  • Development
  • Quote preparation
  • Resource planning
  • Purchasing
  • Distribution
  • Production planning
  • Billing
  • Customer management
  • Finances and accounting
  • Merchandise management
  • Quality control
  • Order management
  • Warehouse management and logistics

Industry-specific ERP solutions for mid-size to large businesses

Every industry has different requirements for ERP software. In addition to a few basic functions, business software should provide customized and sector-specific applications. As a ERP implementation partner, we specialize in ERP system implementation in the following industries for mid-sized to large businesses. 

Put your trust in our expertise and get an ERP solution for your mid-size to large business that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Benefit from our expertise and gain a competitive advantage.

Explore the world-renowned ERP solutions we deliver from Microsoft and SAP:

Why choose Sycor as your ERP implementation partner?

We have collected extensive process and solution expertise with various business management systems from numerous international projects for midsized and large enterprises. Thus we can provide customized, competent, and quality-assured assistance with your ERP system implementation - suited to your business, on-premise or in the cloud.

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