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We've been helping equipment businesses like yours get where they want to go for almost twenty years. From working with companies large and small and across a wide range of industries, we understand your unique challenges. 

Equipment rental software that takes your business to the next level

Sycor.Rental is software for the equipment rental industry that allows you to manage your entire business from one central ERP platform based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. From your rental and service processes to finance, sales, HR, and more, you get one equipment rental software solution that can handle all of your company's needs.

Increase utilization of your rental fleet

Companies using Sycor.Rental equipment rental software have increased utilization by as much as 30%, resulting in lower capital costs and higher returns.

Optimize efficiency of your rental processes

Sycor.Rental customers reduce processing times and manual entry - thanks to the optimization of key rental business processes developed over nearly 20 years in the industry. 

Create a solid foundation for changes/growth

With a solution built on Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management, companies can easily scale their system up or down and add or remove applications as needed.

Sycor.Rental has been managing all types of equipment rental since 2004

Sycor Equipment Rental Software Customers
Sycor.Rental Equipment Rental Software

Equipment rental software that supports all areas of your rental business

Equipment rental software that supports all areas of your business
  • Rental Asset Management
  • Asset Procurement
  • Rental Quotes & Orders
  • Rental Check-out & Check-in
  • Mobile App
  • Rental Contract Management
  • Recurring Invoicing
  • Integration with D365 Finance
  • Analysis with Power BI
  • Customer Portal
  • Graphical Dispatcher
  • Transportation Module

A closer look at what Sycor.Rental can do

User-friendly Graphical Scheduling

  • Create reservations, offers, orders, or workshop orders in an easy-to-use calendar view
  • Modify rental begin and end by drag and drop
  • Get all necessary information about your rental fleet at a glance
  • Changes made by colleagues have a real-time impact on your view of your rental fleet
User-friendly Graphical Scheduling
Equipment rental software featuring a self-service customer portal

Self-service Customer Portal

  • Give customers 24/7 self-service capabilities to view rental orders, rental stock, download delivery notes and invoices
  • Customers can log-off, extend, or shorten their rentals on their own, without having to call your back office or sales team
  • Save time for your internal resources, increase transparency, and improve customer satisfaction

Fully Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Makes it possible to manage all processes in one system - from rental and service to finance, sales, and HR
  • Data and information can be easily shared across all departments, increasing efficiency, communication, and customer service
  • Built-in security, privacy, and compliance backed by Microsoft
  • Automatic upgrades mean you're always on the latest version
  • Modern cloud ERP solution with 99.95% uptime
Equipment rental software fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Equipment rental software featuring a mobile app to process returns and deliveries

Enhanced Mobile App

  • Covers the delivery process from picking to hand-over, i.e., picking using scanning options, entering meter readings, if applicable, and displaying a summary for the customer at handover, with the option to sign and send the confirmation via email
  • Conveniently process return deliveries, attach notes and pictures to a specific item or the whole return order, count/confirm the planned quantity of returns and document equipment status
  • Equipment related information for service technicians, drivers, etc., such as history of damages, repairs, warranties, and service schedules
  • Easily enter time recordings via the app for activities done by your service personnel, such as drivers

Customer case studies

American Trailer Rental Group

From manual processes to an efficient system managing the entire business

  • Optimized processes from order to delivery to return to invoicing
  • Can now track exactly where equipment is at all times
  • Mobile app provides field technicians with easy access to the ERP system

Zero customizations. Go-live in just six months.

  • Consolidated all back office functions on a common platform
  • Gained greater visibility, including analytical views and dashboards
  • Can now manage its entire business in just one platform

Standardized and more efficient processes

  • Harmonized processes across all locations
  • Created a foundation that's scalable and supports continued growth
  • Simplified scheduling of its large fleet, ensuring improved deliveries
What other customers are saying
  • "We implemented the finance, service, and rental processes. In doing so, we were able to go live successfully in nine months, saving us valuable time and resources. Go-Live went smoothly and all departments were operating according to plan in a short period of time."

    Maverik Baumer, IT Director, Premier Truck Rental

  • "On the basis of Sycor.Rental and due to the very good cooperation with the Sycor project team, EURO-Leasing has managed to map the rental of Truck & Trailer in France in only half a year in one system and use it productively. This template will be the basis for further development and rollout in other EURO-Leasing country subsidiaries. Sycor impressed us with the product Sycor.Rental, as well as a service provider during the implementation, and we are looking forward to further cooperation."

    Kristijan Tretinjak , Head of IT, EURO-Leasing / Volkswagen Financial Services 

  • "So far we have reached all our goals with the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics AX  and Sycor.Rental, and we are already looking forward to benefiting from the added functions of the service and maintenance module, as well as scheduling. We improved the quality and efficiency of our processes, and customer satisfaction – while simultaneously reducing costs."

    Murtaza Ahmed Ali, CEO, Allied Rental Modaraba

  • "Thanks to the high level of scalability and performance offered by the solution, we can also map the continued expansion of our sales network in order to optimize customer support. Sycor.Rental fits our strategy perfectly."

    Jürgen Obiegli, Member of the Executive Board, Doka Group

  • "We are very satisfied with the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sycor.Rental. All our processes are in a single system and we can run individual evaluations. What's more, with its scalability and multi-language capability, the system is very much ready for the future."

    Markus Kalberer, CEO, Condecta

  • "We were impressed by the powerful rental functions of Sycor.Rental, the trend-setting foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Sycor’s implementation expertise."

    Ingo Wurzer, CFO, Alpha Trains

  • "The system was deployed without a hitch, and there were no issues when it came to customer relationships."

    Mikael Kämpe, CEO, Ramirent Finland

  • "Thanks to the industry solution Sycor.Rental for our rental business, all processes will in fact run consistently through one system in the future. This protects our IT investment in the long term."

    Joachim Niessner, Managing Director, WEMO-tec

  • "Sycor has taken a bunch of manual processes and put them together in one system so that HVAC RNTL can process their business efficiently all the way from order to delivery to return to invoicing."

    John Beatty, Director of Operations, Meriton (Owner of HVAC RNTL)

  • "ATRG has enjoyed working with the Sycor team during our implementation. The professionalism of the Sycor team, their ability to quickly 'get up to speed' on our business, and overall commitment to our success are exemplary based upon my experience with multiple ERP systems and implementations during my career."

    John Brooks, CEO, American Trailer Rental Group

  • "When you carry out such a significant implementation for the first time in your company's history, you naturally feel a bit uneasy. How will it be on the first day? Will we be able to deliver our equipment at all? With our launch of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sycor.Rental, everything worked like a charm."

    Christian Prangl, Managing Partner, Prangl

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      Special Offer: Express Rental Software Implementation

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