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An overview of Sycor's Transportation Management

September 27, 2019

Could your rental business be managing its equipment transportation more efficiently? Sycor’s Transportation Management software allows you to easily filter your listing of equipment drop-offs and pick-ups. It will help you assign the appropriate truck or trailer needed for the equipment move and determine the drivers that have the skills and qualifications appropriate for the task. It will also create a tour with a graphical map that will show you the best route based on the roadway overhead clearances and bridge weight limitations based on the anticipated load.

A key part of any rental business is the ability to efficiently get equipment from the yard to the customer site and then back. There are a multitude of variables that come into play with this process, which can include:

  • Actual physical location of the equipment being sent or returned
  • Type of truck(s) or trailers(s) that are needed to do the haul
  • Types of roads to be traveled that might have load restrictions that include weight, width and height
  • Drivers who have different qualifications
  •  Driving restrictions that limit hours/miles driven per day
  • Coordinating multiple pick-ups and drop-offs per route
  • Determining the fastest route based on traffic and time of day
Manage equipment transportation more efficiently with Sycor's transportation management software

Trying to manage all these factors can leave even the most experienced dispatcher prone to errors which can be costly and dangerous. Sycor’s transportation solution has been built specifically for this purpose. It is a supplemental module to the Sycor.Rental solution that extends Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365F&O) for the rental industry. Some of the ways in which Sycor’s Transportation Management software can help you transport your equipment more efficiently include:

  • The ability to setup each type of shipping vehicle (truck or trailer) in the system, along with the special driver qualifications (training and licensing) that are required to operate them.
  • The solution is fully integrated into the D365F&O human resources module to eliminate duplicate setup and maintenance.
  • You can filter your deliveries/pickups by date, geographic area, type of equipment, customer, etc.
  • From a rental order, you can select specific equipment that you want to transport on each load.
  • From there, you create a “Tour” that matches your equipment to the trailer to the driver to the route for one or multiple rental orders.
  • The Tour is displayed on a map defining the proper route to take and estimating distance and time.
  • Map route way-points can easily be modified, and the route can easily be recalculated.
  • A “Route Description” can be printed outlining the proposed route with each stop designated. The route can also be electronically sent to the driver so that the driver can follow the prescribed route on a mobile device.
  • Cost and sell prices are determined based on a cost per mi/km as well as calculated tolls. Margins can be a fixed amount or percentage value. Driver time can be applied by the hour or by mi/km.
  • Third partner shipments can be managed with full integration to purchase orders that can be electronically sent to logistic partners.
  • Optionally, the system can automatically post costs/revenue back to the rental/sales order for billing and profitability calculations.

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