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Recurring Revenue Management Software

Are you facing challenges managing your recurring revenue or subscription-based business with your current enterprise management solution? Or in standard Microsoft Dynamics 365?  With Sycor's Recurring Revenue Management software, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, you get an ERP solution that is tailored to recurring sales and service business models.

What are the ERP system challenges with recurring revenue management?

Companies that want to offer a recurring revenue model are faced with supplementing their business processes – or changing them entirely. A strong service orientation and organization are just as important as changes in sales, billing, and bookkeeping. Choosing the right IT system is a prerequisite. You have to learn how to handle flexible billing models that fit the needs of customers. Monitoring is required in order to not only offer customers monthly billing, but billing according to the actual use of the machine or system. An ERP for recurring revenue will provide all the functionality you need to best support the way you do business. 

Manage your recurring revenue business successfully with Dynamics 365 Recurring Revenue Management Software

Recurring Revenue Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 + Sycor

With the recurring revenue framework from Sycor, based on Microsoft's Dynamics 365 ERP solution, Finance and Supply Chain Management and the Microsoft Azure cloud, you get a solution that is specialized for recurring sales and service business models. Supplemented by machine learning and intelligent data analysis for preventive maintenance, it is the ideal solution for representing all recurring revenue processes and pricing options. 

Easily handle sales spanning multiple periods

Most ERP systems are built for transactional business, but with Sycor's Recurring Revenue Management software, you get a solution built specifically for the processes of your business model.

Manage various pricing options

Ability to bill upon delivery or at the beginning or end of every month, flexible recurring pricing, such as monthly, 28 day, daily, etc., set up invoice matrices for customers to ensure best pricing, and ability to charge customers based off of time or usage

Easily change orders based on customer feedback

Integrate with your CRM system so customer feedback can be used to adapt orders based on changing customer wishes and requirements

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