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ERP for the chemical industry

We are your partner for ERP systems in the chemical industry

The chemical industry is very dynamic. Short-term development orders and complex manufacturing processes have to be brought together again and again. At the same time, you have to comply with new laws and regulations regarding chemical substances and processes. In order to cope with these constantly changing requirements, we offer you ERP software built for the chemical sector.
IT services for the chemical industry

Our ERP systems for the chemical industry support you on a daily basis

We assist you in the effective use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain for all your business processes. Our pool of field-specific solutions for chemical ERP systems support all your processes:

  • Management of formulations
  • Consideration of legal requirements and regulations
  • Management of toxic and hazardous substances including storage within the standards of the Reach-ordinations
  • Batch documentation and analysis
  • Raw materials and order management
  • Support in planning, marketing and sales
  • Stock management and logistics
  • Support in cost accounting, bookkeeping and accounting

Use our ERP-systems for the chemical field to accelerate your business processes

The fast-paced nature of digitalization is a challenge and a chance at the same time. On the one hand, you have to stay competitive. On the other hand, digital processes help you  increase your company’s productivity and efficiency.

By using an ERP system, you manage all your processes in one interface. Therefore, all parts of your business are synchronized and interconnected. This means:

  • Single processes are interlinked
  • All departments work together closely
  • Easy access for all your employees to all areas you grant them access to
  • Traceability of all processes within your business
  • Identification and elimination of sources of errors

Furthermore, we offer you field-specific software in the area of chemical ERP. This software is designed especially for the needs of the chemical industry and will support you in your daily business. Not only can you maintain high quality standards, but also optimally structure your logistics and environmental management.

Get only those ERP solutions that you need

A great advantage of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that you can add or remove any software solution component at any time. This ensures you the perfect ERP system for your industry and your business. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about your IT infrastructure. We take care of the maintenance, updating and servicing  of your software solutions.

If you opt for a cloud solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, you will also benefit from the following advantages:

  • Functional Microsoft technology
  • Easy operation
  • Linkage with other Microsoft applications (i.e. Office)
  • Wide range of software solutions
  • Mobile and flexible work
  • Microsoft Azure's high security standards

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