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Internet of Things
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Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

Optimize your logistics, processes, and service with IoT – the Internet of Things. It also makes new business models possible, such as pay-per-use. Our experts analyze your business in detail and develop practical IoT scenarios that truly get you ahead - without a fundamental system upgrade, if you prefer. For midsize enterprises, getting on board with Industry 4.0 early means you maintain your competitiveness and remain compatible with the value chain of tomorrow.

Your benefits

Long-term viability

Develop new business models with IoT and secure the future of your business.


Manual processes are optimized with IoT.

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Custom fabrication at the price of mass production becomes possible with IoT.

Service optimization thanks to real-time data

Durable and reliable PILLER blowers are used worldwide. But that was not enough for the global player based in Germany. The company wanted to offer even better service to its customers. Maintaining technology leadership with predictive maintenance, minimal machine downtime and new digital service approaches was the goal. PILLER put its money on IoT technology from SAP and on Sycor's know-how to accomplish this. Now PILLER customers will be able to further optimize the capacity utilization of their blowers using sensor data – and PILLER Customer Service will be able to respond even more quickly when service is required.  

Internet of Things and IoT for SMEs

Optimize logistics processes with IoT

SAP Connected Goods & SAP Global Track and Trace

Equip your facilities and products with sensors, and collect the data you need to optimize and automate your logistics processes. With SAP Connected Goods and SAP Global Track and Trace, each connected system knows the exact location of every part – in the company and beyond. The IoT system connected to your ERP analyzes the data in order to improve production and logistics, for the best capacity utilization of both. Orders can be created with sensor control. Packaging can be automated as well. By connecting your machines and products to the Internet of Things, you can view the status of your logistics and production facilities in real time. Failures are predicted and processes automatically adapted to changed production conditions.

Optimize service processes with IoT

SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service & SAP Asset Intelligence Network

The Internet of Things makes it possible for you to offer better service to your customers. By equipping your products with sensors, you can monitor them in real time and anticipate repair needs through predictive maintenance. This improved service model will not only thrill your customers but also you. After all, downtime and express repairs are a losing business for both sides.

You want to rethink your service business and modernize it with an appropriate IoT scenario? Our Industry 4.0 experts help you find the appropriate IoT model and implement it with SAP technology.

Get fit for the future with IoT

Pay-per-Use & data delivery

With the Internet of Things, you can change your business model and, for example, offer pay-per-use. You no longer sell the product, but the use of the product, and bill for this at a rate agreed with your customer. Instead of an excavator for example, you sell the amount of earth moved per ton. The sensors on the excavator automatically supply the billing data, which the customer can view live in the business portal. Thus the customer only pays when they actually need the excavator, and you can make it available to other customers when it is not in use. Data collected during production can also be sold to the customer, who can use it for their production or their own services. 

Overview of the SAP IoT portfolio

SAP offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for you to implement your IoT project. Our experts help you choose the appropriate system, assist with the technical implementation, and train your employees to work with the new system. 

SAP Internet of Things portfolio for SMEs

SAP Connected Goods

Connect and monitor large numbers of machines for daily use. This allows you to analyze usage and adapt the services you offer to actual demand.

SAP Vehicle Insights

Monitor your vehicle fleet data in real time for better capacity utilization and to minimize downtime. 

SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge

Converge your IoT data with the SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge.

SAP IoT Application Enablement

Access standardized micro-services and templates, and build your own IoT applications.

SAP Asset Intelligence Network

The solution helps OEMs keep track of the four key pillars of their IoT landscape: network, content, integration, and applications. 

SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service

Get real-time evaluations of your plant with SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service. This lets you optimize capacity utilization.

SAP Leonardo IoT Edge

SAP Leonardo IoT Edge helps you process raw sensor data for informative analyses. 

SAP S/4HANA implementation partner

Our experts accompany your SAP project from initial idea to rollout. Put your trust in more than 20 years of expertise with SAP for SMEs. In the course of numerous IT projects, we have accumulated an irreplaceable wealth of experience. We know exactly what it takes to make an IT project succeed. You too can profit from our knowledge!

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