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SAP Marketing Cloud
Understand your customers and offer them what they really need

SAP Marketing Cloud

The SAP Marketing Cloud facilitates the analysis of customer actions in real time. This allows you to anticipate your customers' needs and offer them a unique experience through appropriate measures. In return, you boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, in addition to strengthening your market position.

Highlights of the SAP Marketing Cloud 

Marketing automation

With the SAP Marketing Cloud, each of your customers passes through individualized marketing automation – based on their user behavior and insights gained through data analysis.

Real time

Actively intervene in ongoing campaigns to optimize your ROI. The SAP Marketing Cloud offers you the analyses you need. 

Machine learning

Based on machine learning algorithms, the SAP Marketing Cloud records and supplements customer profiles so you can offer an appropriate service to your customers quickly.


With the SAP Marketing Cloud, you can respond to individual changes in customer behavior more quickly and provide them with appropriate offerings when they really need them.

Understand your customers better with the SAP Marketing Cloud

Everyone has key moments, both in their private life and at work, when they are especially receptible to certain information or offers – in response to major and minor events, such as job changes, a new relationship status, a new project, etc. With the SAP Marketing Cloud, you can identify such moments reliably and provide your customers with appropriate offers and information accordingly. They appreciate the added service and you generate a higher ROI.

SAP Marketing Cloud implementation partner

Features of the SAP Marketing Cloud

  • Target group segmentation supported by artificial intelligence
  • Marketing planning and marketing lead management
  • Analysis of marketing performance and the customer journey
  • Predictive analytics to better identify new trends and forecast customer needs
  • Personalization of the buying experience in the SAP Commerce Cloud

Benefits of the SAP Marketing Cloud

  • Specialized features for B2C, B2B, and B2B2C, for companies of all sizes
  • Best practice processes for inbound and outbound marketing
  • Interfaces to leading non-SAP systems

Interested in the SAP Marketing Cloud?

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