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Microsoft Power Apps
Develop your own apps – no programming skills required

Microsoft Power Apps – create your own individual apps 

Quickly develop individual business apps for your company to digitalize your business processes. Microsoft Power Apps can be used on various devices and in many different business contexts - on your tablet, smartphone, or computer and on your company's intranet (e.g. SharePoint) or via an internal website.

Low cost, great benefits

Low code/no code: Use Microsoft Power Apps to create the app you have always wanted for your business ‒ without any developer know-how! You can create your own apps quickly and easily using the point-and-click approach. The choice is yours. Use one of the many templates or start from a blank canvas. Easily connect your app to data from existing solutions, such as SharePoint Online, Dynamics 365, or Excel, and then publish it on the web, iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

Business people using Microsoft PowerApps

Welcome to the world of Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps allows users with no development experience to design and administer individual business apps for mobile use. Take a look...

Microsoft Power Apps overview


Create apps without any programming skills. 


Use templates or design from scratch. 


Share apps with others. 


Generate the app automatically.


 Capture new data securely. 


Use on the web or on your mobile device. 

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