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Microsoft collaboration tools – solutions for working together quickly and effectively

The digital transformation has been changing the way people communicate for years. We are networked and online – always and everywhere. We communicate using messenger services and overcome even the longest distances with Skype. What people are using in their private lives, they also want in business: Intuitive devices and state-of-the-art solutions. In short, a modern workplace. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we help you set up your modern workplace with Microsoft collaboration tools that help you work together more efficiently.

Networked around the globe

With innovative Microsoft collaboration tools, we make a modern workplace possible for you. We establish the technical basis for networked collaboration around the globe. In addition to high-performance data access, this includes integrating new company sites into voice and email communication, but also customers and partners into communication and collaboration processes.

Communication & collaboration tools – solutions for working together quickly and effectively.

Why Sycor?

Through the combination of Microsoft Office products with Skype for Business, Teams, SharePoint Online, Exchange, or Business Intelligence Tools we can help you considerably boost the productivity and satisfaction of your employees.


 Furthermore, data storage in a high-availability cloud allows all applications to interact, which also leads to faster and more effective collaboration. With modern ECM and DMS solutions, we also ensure efficient business processes and legally compliant document storage. You too can benefit from our know-how and experience with Microsoft collaboration tools for faster, better, and more effective collaboration!


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