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SAP rollouts and carve-outs

The integration of your subsidiaries or branches into existing SAP solutions is a special challenge. So is the carve-out of part of your organization. In order to master these processes successfully, with time usually playing a critical role, you should count on experts - from process planning to implementation and documentation.

Our performance promise

SAP Rollouts und Carve-Outs

Smooth process

Our experts make sure that the project does not affect your business operations.


We have an international presence and a global network of strong partners.

Intercultural skills

We keep local distinctions – culture, language, and law – in mind at all times.

SAP carve-outs

SAP partner for carve-outs

A number of questions need to be answered before a carve-out: What is the target scenario? What is the general framework for the divested part of the business? Will it remain within the corporate group or does it have a new owner? We know what questions to ask, and advise you regarding the right steps and best approach before getting started. With such sensitive information, we always place special emphasis on secrecy and confidentiality.

Most importantly, we examine the entire IT landscape and develop a complete greenfield approach for you if needed – from the network to the clients and from Microsoft 365 applications to business processes. The focus is on a pragmatic approach. We also equip smaller units with appropriate IT – including subsequent support with our managed services.

SAP rollouts

SAP partner for rollouts

Integrating various locations or divisions with the central SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA system is on our agenda almost daily. Worldwide, we provide support and help you get your entire company onto one integrated platform. Based on experience, we know how to best balance local requirements, head office specifications, and legal obligations.

Customer testimonial
  • "We are very satisfied with Sycor's work. Not only did Sycor's employees implement all Pilz requirements, they also prepared training materials and trained the employees in using the new system. The go-live of the system went smoothly as a result."

    Dr. Beate Ternberger, Project manager, Pilz

    Our services and expertise

    Our experts draw on experience accumulated from over 20 years of SAP rollouts and carve-outs. We analyze your processes and your project in detail in order to find the best approach for your company. In doing so, we pay special attention to ensuring that the project does not affect your business operations. We, therefore, make sure that changes to your company structure have a positive impact on your business figures as quickly as possible.

    • SAP Gold Partner and SAP PCOE
    • More than 20 years of experience in international SAP rollouts and carve-out projects
    • Process expertise for midsize enterprises
    • International presence

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    Want to know more about our rollout or carve-out services? Get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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    Sales & Marketing Director
    +1 412 788 9494

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