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Why your rental business should
be using ERP-based software
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7 reasons why your rental business should be using ERP-based software

October 4, 2018

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) systems open the door to many benefits that can help rental companies gain an edge over their competition. Read on to learn why your rental company should be operating with an ERP-based solution.

1. You only need one system to manage all of your business processes.

Because an ERP system is capable of offering all of the rental-specific functionality you need, you can have access to your entire rental process chain, plus all of the other processes you need to run your business. That means you get the benefits of both an ERP and a rental industry solution in one system.

2. ERP systems provide you with more data for greater analysis, planning & reporting.

Since all of your data is in one system, creating dashboards with key reporting metrics is much simpler. In the rental industry you need to apply your acquisition cost, delivery, and equipment customization/configuration cost to have a new asset ready to rent. All depreciation, maintenance, repair, and transportation costs must be managed, in addition to rental revenue. With all data in one system, it is easy to get a complete financial picture of all equipment available to you. This way, you know your current equipment utilization by branch, when to purchase more equipment, when to sub-rent, and when to retire your fleet.

3. ERP systems provide integrated financial postings in all relevant supply chain processes, as well as extended customer service possibilities.

One of the features you gain with an ERP solution is fully integrated finance management for your rental fixed assets. With an ERP system, you are also able to manage all of your supply chain processes. You will know all of your costs along the way, which will allow you to purchase, service, transfer, rent, and retire equipment, knowing that you are looking at the most up to date information available. Human resource management is another added benefit of ERP. From counter staff, to drivers, to shop and field techs, you have a wide assortment of skills and certifications to manage. With an ERP system, you are able to send the right person to complete the job with minimal cost. Sending the tech with the proper certifications and training to the job will also result in a higher reimbursement of OEM warranty claims.

4. Cloud based ERP solutions allow you to leverage adjoining technologies, such as AI and IoT.

Technology like Microsoft’s Cloud IoT Server can take data from any type of sensor on your machines or equipment and bring it back to your system for analysis and further actions.

5. ERP systems grow with your business.

ERP built systems deployed in the cloud are scalable from just a few users to thousands of users. When your company expands, you do not have to worry about implementing a new system to meet your growing needs.

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6. ERP systems can be accessed across several time zones, languages, and currencies.

An ERP system can be set up to meet the specific time, language, and currency needs across your various locations.

7. ERP systems offer all of the industry-specific features you would expect of a well-rounded equipment rental solution.

An ERP system, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, can have rental functionality that is fully embedded into the system. Such functionality includes rental-specific pricing, fleet management, service management, graphical scheduling, and all other functions a vertical solution would offer.

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