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  • Doka Group Brazil
    • Globally standardized ERP implementation
    • Automated tax calculation
    • Automatic creation and transmission of Nota Fiscal Eletrônica (NF-e)
    • Integration of financial accounting with CIAP, SPED Fiscal, SPED Contabil and SGAD/IN86
    • Reduced process costs

    Doka Group goes live with Sycor.Rental in Brazil

    Sycor rolled out Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sycor.Rental for the Doka Group in Brazil, optimizing the localization of Microsoft Dynamics AX for the South American country.

    With some 150 subsidiaries and logistics centers in 67 different countries, the Doka Group is one of Austria‘s most active global players. As part of a global corporate strategy, the formwork experts at Doka are consistently expanding their sales network for maximum proximity to customers, continually optimizing delivery logistics and implementing a globally standardized ERP system. 

    As a result, the company decided that its subsidiary in the emerging market of Brazil would also be well served with Sycor.Rental, the ERP industry solution for the rental, sales and service of equipment, which is based on Microsoft Dynamics AX/ Dynamics 365 and designed for global use. "Before the project, we had a large number of sub-systems that were not integrated. This lack of seamless integration resulted in a lot of administrative work because data had to be entered and maintained multiple times. The IT system was the bottleneck in the plans for further growth of the subsidiary. The goal of the project was to integrate the Brazilian subsidiary into the existing Microsoft Dynamics AX system without having to create an island solution,“ explains Ronny Buechner, Project Manager at Sycor.

    Doka Group rental business in Brazil

    As a further challenge, the Brazilian government passed more stringent tax laws in April 2010. Under the new legislation, invoices must be transmitted electronically to the State Ministry of Finance (SEFAZ) for approval before goods are released for movement. This Nota Fiscal Eletrônica (NF-e), must be sent in a particular government-specified XML format and signed digitally. "Sycor took on these problems and found some very good solutions," says a satisfied Axel Wieland, Head of Software Management at the Doka Group. "Now that the GLS layer for localizing Microsoft Dynamics AX for Brazil has been successfully integrated into our central system, we can use a central application and Sycor.Rental for all our international subsidiaries and make full use of intercompany functionality. We do not have to run a separate system for Brazil." Thanks to Sycor, working with the Nota Fiscal Eletrônica is also much easier for customers. It can now be created in one step when the invoice is posted in Microsoft Dynamics AX, and the result is automatically sent to the Ministry of Finance in accordance with specifications. "We also mapped financial accounting with CIAP, GIA, SPED Fiscal, SPED Contabil and SGAD/IN86 in the system using the Softteam solution supported by Microsoft," says Ronny Büchner.

    Customer testimonial
    • "Now that the GLS layer for localizing Microsoft Dynamics AX for Brazil has been successfully integrated into our central system, we can use a central application and Sycor.Rental for all our international subsidiaries and make full use of intercompany functionality."

      Axel Wieland, Head of Software Management, Doka Group

      The experts at Sycor also enhanced the tax logic, which has made things easier for Doka employees and reduced administrative work. The complex, multi-level legal requirements of the Brazilian tax authorities present a fundamental challenge for every company. Tax calculation is complicated because taxes differ according to commodity code (fiscal classification or NCM code), the shipping location and delivery location, or whether the goods are new or used. Before the tax logic was optimized in Microsoft Dynamics AX, several dozen price groups had to be provided for each business case. This resulted in a lot of manual work, both for those maintaining the system as well as employees, who had to choose the right price group. "Today, our system calculates the taxes automatically thanks to the modifications made by our service provider Sycor. Our employees choose the item from the net price list and the ERP system performs the tax calculation immediately using the information in the respective order," says Axel Wieland. Thanks to the modifications and successful rollout, Doka employees can now use Sycor.Rental in Brazil. The ERP industry solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX now maps all the processes for rental, sales, planning and transportation of formwork materials at Doka. Sycor employed its consulting and development expertise to tailor the industry solution to the specific needs of the formwork experts. 

      Thanks to global scheduling and the integration of complex rental billing types, employees of the Doka Group now have the right tools for optimum customer support.

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