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Sycor.Rental: equipment rental software

Maximize Your Rental Operations with Sycor.Rental and Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM 

June 20, 2024

Boost productivity and drive growth for your equipment rental business through the convenience and efficiency of Sycor.Rental and take your rental business to the next level. 

Sycor.Rental is an industry-leading software solution for managing your equipment rental business, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management (FSCM). This integration simplifies rental processes, covering everything from equipment tracking and invoicing to servicing and financial tracking. One standout feature of Sycor Rental is the array of functions you can perform even while equipment is out on rent.

Here are five important processes that Sycor.Rental software can help your business perform while your equipment is currently being rented:

Record Log-Off Time

Manage downtime on rental sites by recording log-off times. This feature allows your business to define periods when the equipment isn't in use—such as during holidays or bad weather—so you don't bill the customer for that time. Customers can also request log-offs via the Sycor Rental Customer Portal, which you can review and approve to officially log off the equipment for a specified period.

Create Workshop Orders

If your equipment needs a service appointment or gets damaged while on the job site, Sycor Rental makes it easy to create a workshop order directly for the equipment while it's still out on rent. Whether you decide to proceed with the workshop order while leaving the equipment on rent or opt to exchange the equipment for a similar item, Sycor Rental can manage it all seamlessly.

Transfer Equipment and Inventory to a Different Rental Location

Customers often move equipment between their rental sites. With Sycor Rental, you can track this movement between locations effortlessly. The rental inventory software provides a list of other open rental locations for the customer, enabling you to transfer the equipment as needed.

Create Quotes / Sales Orders for Rental Equipment

Quickly and efficiently create quotations or sales orders if a customer decides they want to purchase the rental equipment instead of returning it at the end of the rental period. This feature streamlines the sales process and enhances customer satisfaction.

Adjust Rental Period Dates

Easily extend or shorten rental periods to better manage and plan your rental fleet. This feature is especially useful when using the dispatch board to plan equipment utilization and time on rent, ensuring that you maintain optimal operational efficiency.


Sycor Rental offers a variety of functions to help you manage equipment that's already out on rent. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft D365 SCM, this equipment rental business software boosts productivity with its user-friendly interface, ultimately driving growth for your company. Experience the convenience and efficiency of Sycor Rental and take your rental business to the next level.

- Daniel Simons, Functional Consultant, Sycor Americas

Want to find out more about how Sycor.Rental leads the rental industry in software solutions that drive growth and profits?  Reach out to us to find out more through our contact, Helge Roth, CEO, (below) or by completing our Request Form.

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