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Improve your IT security 
through regular security
awareness trainings

Security Awareness as a Service

Improve your IT security through regular security awareness trainings

Sensitized and prudent employees are an important building block for the prevention of cyber attacks. Through regular security awareness training, you minimize the risk of an attack and thus increase IT security in your organization.

Use our interactive e-learning "Security Awareness" to train all users clearly and regularly on the relevant IT security aspects.

We offer the e-learning as part of a subscription model termed "Security Awareness as a Service". Thanks to this subscription model, you benefit from the continuous adaptation and updating of the content and can thus achieve continuous improvements in your IT security in the long term.

A first insight into the security training

    Our standard training already covers all general topics related to IT security. These are continuously updated so that they are always up to date.

    Feedback from satisfied customers:
    • "With great design, clear structures, simple explanations and a flexible, multilingual e-learning format, Sycor provided us with an excellent security awareness training course that motivated and trained our employees for cyber security."

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      In addition, we individualize the e-learning with your customer-specific content. In this way, special requirements, such as internal guidelines and industry-related topics can be included.

      Our e-learning is 100% SCORM-compatible and can be distributed quickly and easily to all learners via your learning management system.

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      Questions and answers (Q&A):

      Which topics does a security awareness training cover?

      The most important topics for a security awareness training are IT security, corporate security, data protection, liability issues, behavior in the home office, confidentiality of documents, access and visitors, clean desk, GDPR, order data processing, mindset, phishing, social media, malware, file sharing, detecting suspicious URLs, use of AI and ChatGPT, mobile working, handling passwords.

      How often should a security awareness training be repeated?

      Since the threat situation and attack techniques are changing, we recommend that you conduct a security awareness training course once a year. Often, annual proof is also required as part of an audit. 

      How long does a security awareness training take?

      Depending on your individual learning pace, you should plan about 1-3 hours for a complete security awareness training.

      Can I also subscribe to a Security Awareness Training?

      Yes. We recommend a 3-year subscription. This is the best way for your company to benefit from the updated content and also measure the evolution of the awareness score.

      What is the pricing model for IT security training?

      You pay an annual fee for your entire organization (minimum 3 year term). This fee includes the one-time creation of your individual content as well as an annual update.

      Which languages are available for the Security Awareness Training?

      The Security Awareness E-Learning is currently available in German and English. Other languages are possible.

      How can I measure the Awareness Score?

      Each module of the Security Awareness Training has a quiz at the end that must be answered by each learner. In this way, individual, topic-related and company-wide scores can be determined. This feature requires a learning management system (LMS).

      Can I use Security Awareness standalone (without an LMS)?

      Yes, you can. However, it is not possible to assign them to user groups and evaluate an awareness score.

      Questions about the security training?

      Are you interested in our security training and still have questions - also about customization? Then get in touch with us. We are looking forward to your inquiry!

      Bernd Carstens

      Account Manager
      +49 551 383 98 32

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