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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations
Efficient and successful project design

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Does your business involve project-based processes? Do you want to manage your projects comprehensively and profitably? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations offers numerous advantages for project-oriented companies. It improves success and profitability through increased transparency, enhanced collaboration and increased agility in all areas of the business, from lead generation to payment processing.

All-round view of your projects

Dynamics 365 Project Operations is a comprehensive solution that combines sales, resource, project management and finance processes in a single application. This integration enables companies to efficiently manage their projects from the initial request to final invoicing. With Dynamics 365 Project Operations, teams can optimize resource utilization, accelerate project delivery and increase profitability. The application provides interactive dashboards for key performance indicators (KPIs), simplified time tracking and expense management, and improved project financials to drive business success.

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Integrated application

Dynamics 365 Project Operations connects sales, resource, project management and finance teams in a single application, improving collaboration and efficiency.

Project management

 Provides comprehensive tools for planning, managing and monitoring projects, resulting in improved project execution.

Resource optimization

Enables effective planning and management of resources to assign the right people with the right skills to projects and improve quality.

Financial management

 Simplifies project accounting through time and cost tracking, project costing, budgeting and invoicing. 

Transparency and agility

Increases visibility across teams, data and processes and provides AI capabilities for faster and better business decisions. 

KPI dashboards

Integrated dashboards help you keep an eye on your goals and metrics and provide key performance indicators that are crucial for monitoring and managing the company's success.

Efficient workflows

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations, your project managers can create precise cost estimates, track project progress in real time and complete projects on time and within budget. Efficient time recording and digital invoice processing are also available as options. As you can see, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations you not only increase the satisfaction of your employees, but also that of your customers.

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