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Company history

Learn more about our company history from today to its roots back in 1994.


A tailwind in turbulent times

The year 2018 is off to an extremely positive start for Sycor - because with a whopping increase in sales of almost 20 percent in 2017, the company recorded the highest growth in its 20-year history. With now more than 750 employees, Sycor increased its annual sales to 85.1 million euros. The positive result is due on the one hand to the good overall economic situation, but also to the successful integration of new employees.

According to the Lünendonk® Study 2018, Sycor continues to be one of the leading German medium-sized IT consulting and system integration companies. Sycor scores particularly well in consulting and implementation of digital transformation projects, but also in the area of cyber security.

In June 2018, Jochen Schwirsch takes over management responsibilities alongside Rüdiger Krume following the departure of long-time Managing Director Dr. Marko Weinrich. Due to the steady growth in personnel, the company also expands its spatial capacities in Göttingen this month with a new building that is exemplary in terms of New Work.

In November 2018, the search for an investment partner that is a strategic fit for Sycor, announced by owner Prof. Hans Georg Näder in 2017, will come to an end. Instead of selling Sycor, which is successful in the competitive IT market, to potential investors, Sycor is to be positioned for the future through a merger with Allgeier Enterprise Services, which belongs to Allgeier SE. In the future, the companies intend to jointly sell consulting services ranging from strategy and process consulting to complete implementations, as well as managed services in the areas of application management, hosting and cloud. In the run-up to the decision, Prof. Näder paid particular attention to the concept developed by Sycor employees in a private initiative for the purchase of the company by the workforce, but decided in favor of the merger due to its advantages.

Once again, the company is starting 2019 with record sales. Compared to the result from 2018, Sycor was able to increase its sales by 16% to 98.8 million euros. The plan is to continue the growth course through targeted company acquisitions and the addition of new employees in 2019. Sycor will continue to focus on new strategic topics and innovative services.

Ottobock Holding (changed to Näder Ventures Beteiligungs GmbH in 2020), which is wholly owned by the Näder family of entrepreneurs, decides to keep Sycor as a strategic asset in the Ottobock Group of Companies in February 2019 against the backdrop of the challenges of digital transformation. It is to be further expanded into a leading full-service provider for SAP and Microsoft services in the IT consulting market. The Krumes/Schwiersch management duo will be joined by Ronald Geiger from May 2019.

In July 2019, the Austrian offshoot of the IT services company Sycor files a lawsuit against Arineo GmbH and Arineo Austria GmbH in Austria. The case involves the poaching of employees and customers. Sycor has solid evidence that Arineo, now headed by former Sycor managing director Marko Weinrich, used unfair means in the process. 

For this reason, Sycor has also filed a lawsuit against Arineo GmbH in Germany. Sycor emphasizes that this is not against the employees who switched, but against Arineo and the responsible former managers of its own company. A conciliation meeting between Sycor and Arineo scheduled by the Göttingen Labor Court in October 2019 did not produce any results and was referred to the Regional Court.

In August 2019, Sycor will expand its portfolio in the direction of manufacturing and healthcare with the acquisition of Würzburg-based YES Enterprise Solutions GmbH. 



20 Jahre Sycor - Unsere Geschichte - Sycor Smile


According to a survey by FOCUS BUSINESS, the Sycor Group is one of the TOP employers in 2020 in a national comparison as well as in the industry ranking. The company's ranking clearly demonstrates how satisfied its employees are with their company. Sycor's exemplary work in the area of employee recruitment and retention is also evidenced by the fact that the company was once again named a TOP Employer in Southern Lower Saxony, awarded by the Southern Lower Saxony Foundation and the Hanover Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Sycor is also one of the important companies in the IT consulting sector in 2020, according to the Lünendonk® List 2020 "Leading medium-sized IT consulting and system integration companies in Germany", Sycor can cover the trend topics of big data analytics and process automation in the best possible way thanks to its know-how and sees itself well positioned for the market with its solutions and services as a full-service provider in the Microsoft and SAP environments. The company demonstrates its expert status, for example, by once again being named an AP Partner Center of Expertise.

In November 2020, the company is expanding its management team to include Thomas Ahlers and Stephan Reiss. Both have a track record of sustainable success in their previous roles at Sycor.

In 2021, Sycor launches the "" initiative, with which Sycor is committed to a benefit-based dialog that puts the communication of helpful and decision-relevant information back at the center in order to enable customers to tap into IT innovations from their own benefit.

With two new awards, Sycor underscores both its competence as a digitization expert and its qualities as an employer. In the ranking of the "Best IT Service Providers", Sycor's expertise in the field of innovative business solutions in the SAP and Microsoft environment was confirmed and at the same time Sycor's employee-oriented corporate culture was acknowledged with the award as "Focus Top Worker Employer Medium-Sized Businesses".

First decisions in Austria confirm Sycor's case against Arineo.

The management of Sycor is reduced again and is now in the hands of Thomas Ahlers, Stephan Reiss and Rüdiger Krumes.

As part of benefit assessments, some Sycor sites in Germany will be closed in 2021 and, at the turn of the year, also the sites in Singapore and Canada. At the same time, the site at the freight transport center in Göttingen will also be abandoned, as such a large number of office workstations is not required in Corona times and beyond.

SYCOR YES GmbH and SYCOR mbs GmbH have merged with SYCOR GmbH at the turn of the year 2021/2022. The final step is now derived from this long-standing close cooperation of the different teams: Sycor joins forces and enters the new year together as a unit, as SYCOR GmbH.

In the spring of 2022, Stephan Reiss left the Management Board and Guido Lindlar took over the position of Chief Sales Officer on the Management Board from the summer.

In 2022, the Sycor Group generated a turnover of € 89.6 million.

Since the beginning of January 2024, Sycor's Management Board has consisted of CEO Thomas Ahlers, CFO Steffen Horst and Rüdiger Krumes.


20 years of Sycor

Sycor moves into another location at the 'Alter Güterbahnhof' in Göttingen

According to the Lünendonk® Study 2018, Sycor continues to be one of the leading German medium-sized IT consulting and system integration companies

Merger instead of sale: Sycor and Allgeier want to "get married"

Digital transformation as growth driver - record annual revenue in 2018

Sycor remains as a strategic asset in the Ottobock Group of Companies

Sycor focuses on qualitative growth in 2019 and acquires Würzburg-based YES Enterprise Solutions

Sycor fights off poaching of employees and customers by Arineo

Sycor once again TOP employer in Southern Lower Saxony

According to the Lünendonk® list 2020 "Leading medium-sized IT consulting and system integration companies in Germany", Sycor is again one of the most important companies in the IT consulting sector in 2020

Sycor sets the course for the future with Thomas Ahlers and Stephan Reiss on the management board

Sycor again honored as "SAP Partner Center of Expertise

According to a survey by FOCUS BUSINESS, the Sycor Group will be one of the TOP national employers in 2020.


Merger of SYCOR YES GmbH and SYCOR mbs GmbH with SYCOR GmbH

Start of the initiative "" and award as Best IT Service Provider and Focus Top Employer Medium-Sized Businesses


Strategic growth

Sycor continues to grow in 2015, generating sales of EUR 66.7 million for growth of more than 18 percent compared to the prior 2014 year. The number of employees also climbs to a record high of 550, in part due to the founding of SYCOR Austria GmbH. With offices in Salzburg and Vienna, the new subsidiary strengthens Sycor's position as one of the largest service and solution providers for Microsoft Dynamics AX in German-speaking regions.

2015 is an anniversary year for Sycor as well: The Chinese location in Shanghai was founded 10 years ago. Sycor China has established itself as a reliable partner for ERP projects in the meantime (SAP and Microsoft Dynamics AX). In addition to growth, 2015 also brings numerous awards for the Sycor Group: SYCOR IQ Solutions GmbH is a SAM Germany Partner of the Year in the "Best Constructive Contribution" category and Sycor is a member of the Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club 2015. This prestigious group represents the top five percent of Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide. What's more, Sycor becomes a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) in 2015. With the Cloud Solution Provider status, Sycor strengthens its position as an expert for Microsoft solutions and services from the cloud.

The full-range IT service provider's branding is also relaunched in 2015. The company logo in particular is modernized: Now the Sycor Smyle is connected directly to the lettering, integrated with the entire corporate design as a central element, and thereby clearly visualizes the friendly and dynamic Sycor brand.

In 2016, Sycor opens a location in Offenburg and thereby continues its strategic growth. The Sycor Group grows to 600 employees by the end of 2016. The Offenburg team of around 30 concentrates on SAP application management services and comprehensive SAP solutions for midsize enterprises. 
Sycor joins the AXpact partner network in 2016 and becomes a member of the VOI Major League SharePoint area of expertise and the Dynamics CRM User Group. 

Sycor also promotes women in IT and co-founds the IAMCP Women in Technology Chapter Germany. This network of and for women intends to motivate talented young women to pursue a career in IT and encourages the exchange of experiences between women in the industry. 



Company History - Sycor Smile

Sycor takes part in the SAP Digital Selling Award and is presented with first place in the competition at SAP Connect 2016. 

Sycor kicks off 2017 by founding two locations in North Rhine-Westphalia – in Bielefeld and Greven. A location in Freiburg is also opened in August. Strategic growth is aimed at offering regional contact points for customers with support in the closest possible proximity.

In 2017, Sycor is recognized no less than three times in the Great Place to Work ® competition. Sycor takes first place in the "Best Employers in Lower Saxony-Bremen 2017" category in the size class of companies with more than 250 employees, and third place in the "Best ITC Employers" award in the category for companies with 501 to 1,000 employees. This also makes Sycor one of Germany's best employers.

The Sycor Group reaches the 700 employee mark in August. By December it already has over 740 employees distributed across 21 locations around the world. 



Founding of SYCOR Austria GmbH with offices in Salzburg and Vienna

Anniversary in China: The branch in Shanghai was established 10 years ago

New logo and corporate design

Recognition of SYCOR IQ Solutions GmbH as SAM Germany Partner of the Year in the "Best Constructive Contribution" category

Member of the Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club 2015

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Member of the VOI Major League SharePoint area of expertise

Member of the AXpact partner network

Sycor wins the SAP Digital Selling Award 2016

Opening of the Offenburg location, member of the Dynamics CRM User Group

Co-founding of IAMCP Woman in Technology Chapter Germany

Successful recertification as SAP Partner Center of Expertise

Sycor China becomes a member of the AXpact partner network

ISO 27001 certification – seal for information security

"Great Place to Work 2017" awards in the categories Best Employers in Lower Saxony-Bremen, Best Employers in Germany, and Best ITC Employers

Locations opened in Greven, Bielefeld, and Freiburg

2012 - 2014

Challenging but yet successful

The full-range IT service provider Sycor boosted its sales to EUR 59.3 million in the 2012 financial year. At the same time, the number of employees grew from an average of 340 in the year 2011 to currently more than 550 worldwide. With two new locations in Munich and Chemnitz, the Göttingen company also strengthened its nationwide presence. Due to an acquisition concluded in 2011 and the majority investment in two other companies effective 1 January 2012 the Sycor Group expanded its solution and services portfolio considerably.

In 2013 the growth of the Sycor Group in the German and international markets continued (turnover of EUR 59.4 million) and Sycor achieved a place in the Lünendonk Top 10 list of the leading German midsized IT consulting and System integration companies for the first time.

For Sycor, as a mid-sized, internationally competing and full-range IT service provider from Germany, the 2014 business year represents the foundation from which to achieve our planned strategic growth. Even though sales were less than expected, and earnings were slightly down in 2014 from the previous year at EUR 57 million, there is ample reason for a positive outlook on the coming year.

The many customers acquired ensure full order books, the recruitment of more than 60 new employees in the previous year shows that Sycor is an attractive employer thanks to its strategy and philosophy in human resources.


Company History - We give IT a face


The high level of employee satisfaction is measurable, and in 2014 was reflected in the TOP JOB awards: third place in the competition for Best Mid-Sized Employer and winner in the category "Focus on Women". Aside from investment in further recruitment, the company also injected money into the development of new software products and the sale of cloud solutions in the previous year. In the field of cloud and technology services, Sycor has been able to improve on its market success significantly and acquire more new customers than ever before.


Majority investment in IQ GmbH, IT und Kommunikationssysteme

Majority investment mbs Marketing- und Bildungsservice GmbH

Munich location

Chemnitz location

„Partner Center of Expertise“ certified support services for SAP® Business All-in-One- and SAP Business Objects™-solutions

Microsoft Partner with five Gold competencies 

Member of the Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club 2012

SAP Regional Partner Excellence Award 2013 "Top Partner – Applications"

Entry in Lünendonk-List 2013 Top 10 leading midsized German IT consulting and integration companies

Member of the Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club 2013

Nuremberg location

TOP JOB awards: third place for Best Mid-Sized Employer and winner in the category "Focus on Women"

Microsoft® Global Independent Software Vendor (GISV)

Expansion of cloud and technology services

Restructuring and merging of infrastructure and application divisions in connection with service delivery

2009 – 2011

Strengthening of market position and partnerships

With two further acquisitions in 2009 and 2010, the Sycor Group consolidates its standing as one of the largest service providers for Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software as well as its position as an end-to-end supplier of SAP solutions for mid-sized businesses. The group also debuts as a seller of SAP licenses and strengthens its partnership with SAP. Despite the tense economic situation at its international branches, the Sycor Group boosts its sales in 2010 to 40.2 million euros, an increase of 14 percent. During the 2011 financial year, an average 340 employees generate sales of 41.2 million euros. The group acquires aixonix IT Consulting GmbH. Between 2009 and 2011, new locations in Hamburg, Aachen, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf further strengthen Sycor's presence in Germany, and the group becomes increasingly international thanks to two locations in South America.



Company History - Sycor worldwide

Acquisition of Aixonix SI GmbH and renaming as SYCOR Aixonix GmbH

Hamburg location

Acquisition of cogimo GmbH and renaming as SYCOR Cogimo GmbH

Stuttgart location

Merger of SYCOR Software GmbH with SYCOR GmbH

SYCOR Aixonix GmbH renamed SYCOR Enterprise Solutions GmbH

Acquisition of aixonix IT Consulting GmbH and renaming as Aixonix Transformation Management GmbH

Merging of SYCOR Cogimo GmbH with SYCOR GmbH

Aachen location

Düsseldorf location

Campinas location in Brazil

Mexico City location

2004 – 2008

The Sycor Group expands nationally and internationally

The years 2004 to 2008 are marked by continuous growth. With total revenues of 24.5 million euros, 2004 becomes the most successful year in the company’s history so far. Sycor drives its expansion abroad with the opening of a representative office in Shanghai, China and the acquisition of Business Connection in Montreal, Canada. The company continues to grow through targeted recruitment of staff. 2007 marks the next chapter in the Sycor success story: with growth of 28 percent compared to the previous year, the group generates revenues of 29.5 million euros. Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia becomes the newest Sycor location. Sycor begins its anniversary year of 2008 backed by the best results in the company's history. On time to celebrate its tenth birthday, the group introduces its new corporate design including the logo, "We give IT a face".




Company History - Sycor Logo

Representative office opens in China

Shanghai location

Acquisition of Groupe Business Connection Amerique Inc. 

Montreal location

Founding of a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) in China

Founding of SYCOR MALAYSIA Sdn. Bhd. 

Kuala Lumpur location

Groupe Business Connection Amerique Inc. becomes SYCOR CANADA Inc.

New corporate design introduced for the company's anniversary

LIGNUM Software GmbH becomes SYCOR Software GmbH

1999 – 2003

Göttingen acts as base for strategic expansion

The move to the building near the train station in Göttingen, with its modern infrastructure and optimally equipped computing centers, lays the foundation for the company's strategic growth. In 2000 and 2001, Sycor begins to expand both at home and abroad, acquiring shares in two companies in Germany and opening foreign branches in the US and Singapore. At the same time, the company initiates a strategic process aimed at targeting Sycor's market position. In 2002 the group receives two recognitions, the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification and the SAP Hosting Partner certification. The strategic process initiated in 2001 is implemented and applied internally up into 2003.

Company History - Our Site in Göttingen

SYCOR GmbH becomes an incorporated company (AG)

Move to Göttingen

Acquisition of shares in SLA Unternehmensberatung GmbH & Co. KG in Wiesbaden, Germany

Founding of SYCOR AMERICAS Inc. in Pittsburgh, USA

Acquisition of shares in LIGNUM Software GmbH

Founding of SYCOR ASIA Pte Ltd in Singapore

Full acquisition of LIGNUM Software GmbH

Full acquisition of SLA Unternehmensberatung GmbH & Co. KG

DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification

SAP Hosting Partner certification


1994 - 1998

From Sycor's roots to its incorporation

In 1994, the 8-person IT department at Ottobock is tasked with implementing SAP ERP (formerly SAP R/3) enterprise software in all modules on a central system in Duderstadt. Over the following years, the team's expertise grows as they implement the SAP system and perform roll-outs at 15 locations worldwide. The IT department pushes for a global logistics concept at Ottobock and begins its implementation. Following the company-wide integration of a telecommunications solution in the IT area in 1997, the two IT managers, Dr. Marko Weinrich and Rüdiger Krumes, come up with the idea of founding an IT service provider. In February 1998 their idea becomes a reality: SYCOR GmbH is founded and the Ottobock IT department is integrated into the new company. Fourteen employees based in Duderstadt start work in March 1998. CEOs are Dr. Marko Weinrich and Rüdiger Krumes.  

Company History - Rüdiger Krumes and Dr. Marko Weinrich

Implementing SAP ERP (formerly SAP R/3) enterprise software in all modules on a central system at Ottobock

Founding of SYCOR GmbH at Duderstadt location

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