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When the product becomes a serviceHow manufacturers and retailers canimplement product-as-a-service concepts 

This content awaits you:

  • What is behind the PraaS business model?
  • What are the benefits for customers and what does the new consumer behavior mean for retailers and manufacturers?
  • What should be considered when moving to a PraaS model in terms of IT?
  • Is your company ready for PraaS? Do the readiness check with us!

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The traditional sale of products has faced serious competition: Renting instead of buying and only paying for what you actually use - such Product-as-a-Service (PraaS) business models are attractive to customers because they are flexible, save on acquisition costs and often offer all-round service. But manufacturers and retailers can also benefit as PraaS providers. The biggest challenge in the changeover: mapping the necessary processes in their own IT systems. 

Find out what PraaS concepts can look like, what advantages they offer, and what providers need to bear in mind during implementation.

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