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We combine patient care expertise
with modern technologies

The future of patient care
lies in digital ecosystems

Digitalization does not stop at the patient care industry. On the contrary, the market is virtually predestined for digital ecosystems. On the one hand, completely new players are entering the market and threatening to outshine traditional patient care companies and patient care providers with their speed, financial strength and digital affinity. On the other hand, digitalization and data sharing in digital ecosystems are also changing products. Sycor combines patient care expertise with modern technologies. We accompany the patient care industry in its digital transformation and develop new digital products and business models together with our customers - for sustainable success and long-term competitiveness.
IT Services für die Life Sciences Branche

Global Patient Care IT by Sycor – our total package for patient care companies

Sycor offers professional ERP and IT solutions across the entire value chain, which we design, implement and operate for our patient care customers. We show you how to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 or SAP S/4HANA in conjunction with the Microsoft Azure platform to optimize your processes and continuously develop your digital patient care. At the core of digitalization is the development of the "Digital Medical Center of the Future", in which new products and business models are applied: 

Digital data and product platforms

Through global IT networking and remote patient assistance, we act as an interface to your patients and optimize your internal processes.

Scanning accessories and apps

Smart accessories and features create millions of new databases that provide you with information about your customers' needs and wishes.


Delight your patients with medical products that are customized and manufactured to meet the needs of each individual user.

Maximum patient and data protection

Our IT solutions meet the high requirements for security of patient data and are aligned with international quality standards. With Data Anonymization® - a Sycor development for anonymizing sensitive patient data - we enable our customers to access large databases in compliance with data protection regulations. This data is then analyzed, evaluated and made available as needed with the help of AI.


"As a strategic cooperation partner, Sycor supports us in the smooth implementation of a holistic, end-to-end digitalization project."
  • "Together with our customers, we improve patient care with digital processes. We face the challenge of developing digital solutions at high speed and integrating them into existing IT environments, workflows and processes worldwide. As a strategic cooperation partner, Sycor supports us in the smooth implementation of a holistic, end-to-end digitalization project. In doing so, it takes on the role of a thought leader for the IT-relevant implementation of innovative digital solutions. The collaboration is characterized by an excellent team spirit. Colleagues complement our digital team perfectly, driving developments with a strong sense of "we". Our partnership-based cooperation makes an effective contribution to the acceleration and goal-oriented implementation of digitalization in healthcare. True to our motto: We empower people!"

    Güngör Kara, CDO, Ottobock

    Advantages of digital patient care

    The benefits of digital patient care are obvious. Complex workflows can be made more efficient, and your staff has more time to spend with your customers in the field. You improve your service quality and can help your patients faster than ever with real-time data. Sycor accompanies you in your digital transformation and offers you these benefits, among others:

    • Leveraging proven cloud services and Azure assets with Microsoft Azure.
    • Personalized product and care offerings for patients and CPO's in real time  
    • Global connectivity and rapid access to patients through Remote Assist
    • Data protection compliant access to large databases (Hippaa, GDPR, ISO 27)
    • Microsoft Data Factory: BI and AI solutions are made available on an as-needed basis

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