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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
Optimize your customer retention and generate more closings

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Do you need an IT solution that optimally supports you in managing your customer relationships and generating action-oriented insights into leads and sales opportunities? A solution that offers your sales staff real added value? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales increases your sales productivity by identifying sales opportunities, optimizing resource utilization, improving customer retention and satisfaction through simplified communication, and providing a 360° overview through a transparent sales pipeline.

Effective device-independent working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Use the system in the browser at your workplace or on the move via smartphone or tablet - the solution does not separate the two, but your employees always work with the same database. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app, you can record activities and quotations directly from an email application, obtain an overview of your potential customers and quickly compile informative reports yourself. As a sales manager, you get a tool to optimally manage your employees and promote collaboration between office and field sales. In addition, the required data is also available offline and encrypted on your employees' end devices.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales - Best sales support

Dynamics 365 Sales offers a variety of features to help sales teams strengthen their relationships with customers, gain insights from data and accelerate sales processes:

Build customer relationships

Dynamics 365 Sales enables sales reps to build strong relationships with their customers and maintain those relationships through ongoing interaction and nurturing.

Turn insights into actions

With artificial intelligence (AI), sales reps can make data-driven decisions and adjust their sales strategies accordingly

Shorten sales cycles

The sales process from lead generation to closing is accelerated and the solution also supports the creation of sales materials.

Sales automation

Dynamics 365 Sales offers tools for automating sales processes to increase efficiency and reduce manual tasks.

Integration with Microsoft products

With seamless integration with other Microsoft products such as Teams, Outlook and Power BI, increase productivity and facilitate collaboration.

Transparency in the team and avoidance of data silos

Dynamics 365 Sales promotes transparency in the team and helps to avoid data silos by storing all activities, customer information and interactions centrally

Marketing lists and campaigns

Dynamics 365 Sales makes it easy to create marketing lists and run email campaigns.

Microsoft Copilot for Sales

A new feature that allows sales reps to automatically enter data into CRM systems, eliminating manual data entry.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Connect LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Microsoft Dynamics Sales to enrich and improve your sales business processes with data about people, organizations and relationships.

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