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The Sycor philosophy

Mission | Vision | Guidelines 
People are at the focus of everything we do 
– from our customers, to our partners, to the team here at Sycor itself. By pursuing this key principle, we ensure transparency.

Our Vision

We support our customers with enthusiasm and passion – helping people make the most of the potential offered by modern technologies.

Our Mission

We consult with our customers and support them by implementing and operating digital solutions. Our tailored services create value along the entire value chain. We see ourselves as a strong partner in the SME community, working alongside our customers to create custom, end-to-end solutions.

Guiding principle of cooperation

 1. human success factor 

We develop digital solutions, however our focus is on people, and the quality of our relationships with our colleagues and customers is our particular strength.

2. creating more value together 

Sycor is a part of us. We support each other and thus create more than the sum of all individual services.

3. customer success guides us. 

We master challenges together with our customers and are a reliable partner for the pragmatic and efficient development of the company.

4. we enjoy quality 

Fun and passion are the driving forces behind our work and quality is the measure of our performance. We are motivated by the ambition to inspire our customers and to continuously improve our services.

5. personal growth with enthusiasm 

We promote an environment in which each person can develop his or her own potential and contribute productively. To awaken what lies dormant within us, we consciously leave our comfort zone.

6. use what Sycor knows 

With decades of experience in IT and processes, Sycor is full of profitable ideas. We actively share our knowledge with each other to identify trends and develop the best solutions together.

7. together we become better and better 

We understand feedback as sincere interest in the other person and always communicate with each other in an appreciative manner in the sense of mutual success. By dealing constructively with open feedback, we become better.

8. Ownership through freedom 

Change is our constant. We act agilely, quickly and courageously. With trust in all team members and transparency in the matter, we create freedom for autonomous decisions.

9. stability and innovation 

At Sycor, we work with proven processes in our daily business. At the same time, we consciously create room foradaptations and innovations. Creatively and deliberately.

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