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The perfect ERP industry solution 
for medical technology

Sycor.MedTech365 -
Harmonize, optimize and automate processes in medical technology

ERP systems quickly reach their limits when it comes to complying with complex, international regulations, supporting global expansion and using innovative technologies such as AI or machine learning. With Sycor.MedTech365, Sycor offers a ISV solution that extends the market-leading and future-oriented applications of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with industry-specific functions - for greater efficiency and automation.

D365 as a future-proof platform

The ISV-Solution Sycor.MedTech365 is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management and uses its unique range of functions and innovative features.

Industry solution for medical technology

We have integrated key industry-specific functions into the ERP system. Additional features make business processes more efficient.

Adhere to compliance and regulations

Especially in the highly regulated medical technology industry, the requirements are high - Sycor.MedTech365 meets the requirements for e.g. MDR, FDA and ISO13485:2016.

Patient safety, product quality and data integrity

Ensuring these important aspects, including comprehensive data protection and protection against cyber attacks, is part of the industry solution.

Expansion and innovative business models

Sustainable growth is made possible by lean, harmonized, integrated processes and smart AI technologies.

Leading ERP partner

Benefit from our more than 25 years of experience in implementing ERP systems, our industry expertise, best practices and roll-out and training concepts.

Sycor.MedTech365 - The perfect ERP industry solution for medical technology

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management has proven itself as a cloud platform worldwide: Numerous companies, especially larger ones, use Dynamics 365 to map, further develop and automate their processes. Sycor.MedTech365 is based on this established standard and covers the very specific requirements of medical device manufacturers, distributors and suppliers.

The special feature: the complete solution is designed for medium-sized companies so that they can also benefit from innovative technologies and shorter development cycles. This makes AI, machine learning and big data easy to use for SMEs too.

Four elements, one comprehensive solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management
A modern, world-leading cloud solution that intelligently digitizes processes in many business areas.

Sycor.MedTech365 – Industry solution for medical
Industry-specific functionalities developed by Sycor that are natively integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Best practices in the industry 
Prefabricated packages and templates shorten development cycles and minimize system adaptation.

A team that understands medical technology
Rollout and user training are individually adapted to the respective processes by our experienced team.

Sycor.MedTech365: The most important functions at a glance

The industry-specific features are based on the functional scope of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management and extend it with the following features, among others:

MedTech Dashboard

Central workspace for all business processes.

MedTech Master Data Extension

Specialized master data management for medical devices.

Supplier Qualification and Evaluation

Selection, qualification, monitoring, evaluation of suppliers, control of processes.

Advanced Track&Trace

Batch and serial number tracking across multiple legal entities for more effective recalls.

Audit Trail

Secure, automatic, time-stamped recording of changes in the course of processes (in accordance with FDA).

Regulatory Data Transfer

Transfer of the required data to public databases such as EUDAMED and FDA.

Export Control & Services

Creation of export documents (e.g. Free Sales Certificates and product lists with approval information.

International Registration Check

Sale only in countries and regions for which the necessary approvals have been obtained.

Sterile Product Management

Management of all processes relating to the purchase, production and sale of sterile medical devices.

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