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Business & Data Analytics – Data-Based Decisions

Companies must be able to make decisions more and more quickly in an ever-changing world. At the same time, factors impacting on decision-making are becoming increasingly complex. But this also means that many companies have access to larger and larger amounts of data from sources such as CRM, ERP and external data sources. Digitalization efforts, in particular, involving new technologies in the context of IoT and sensor technology are pushing the volume of available data to even greater levels. Such data can be used as the basis for data-driven decisions and innovative data products in the course of their digital transformation – if they are used intelligently!

Therefore, we help you bring order to your data and find individual, targeted solutions based on business intelligence software, IoT and artificial intelligence to generate additional value for your company. In this way, you gain valuable insights into your business and the market, create a sustainable and sound foundation for your company’s decisions, and optimize your processes and products.
Business & Data Analytics – Ziehen Sie die richtigen Schlüsse aus Ihren Daten.

Minimizing Costs

With our solution portfolio, we provide you with consistent data from various systems in real time. Data integration platforms help you administer and improve information, and put it to use in order to obtain optimum business results and reduce costs.

Optimal Decision-Making

Our innovative business intelligence solutions in the Microsoft and SAP environment help you transform your business data into meaningful information in real time, providing optimum support for operational and strategic decision making.

Why Sycor?

Put your trust into our comprehensive process and solution know-how gathered in numerous international projects for midsize enterprises with Microsoft or SAP applications. We provide individual, competent, and quality-assured support in the implementation of the business & data analytics solution suited for your business!

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