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SAM for Microsoft Partners

SAM4Partners –
Software asset management for Microsoft partners 

As a Microsoft partner, you benefit from a number of free licenses known as internal use rights and enjoy other advantages. These licenses are subject to very specific terms of use. We are happy to offer our SAM expertise to all Microsoft partners in a SAM4Partners project.

SAM4Partners project – our offering from one Microsoft partner to another

Find out in a SAM4Partners project: 

  • What concrete licenses are available to you
  • How best to use your IURs
  • How to maximize your usage rights
  • What in particular you have to watch for as a SPLA partner
  • What in particular you have to watch for as a CSP partner
  • How you ensure that your use of licenses is legally compliant (for both IURs and purchased licenses)

Why Sycor?

We are a Microsoft partner ourselves and well versed in software asset management. Profit from our know-how. Naturally you enjoy special terms and conditions as a Microsoft partner. 

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Jürgen Ohlsen

Head of SAM
+49 89 307 730 37

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