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Cloud software asset Management
We identify the optimization potential of our existing cloud licensing

Cloud software asset management

Cloud applications do not leave behind a footprint. That makes them more difficult to find and track. We help you obtain information about the actual use of licenses and the activity between the device and online application. This lets you find out what usage rights have been exhausted and where new licenses have to be assigned or existing ones can be used elsewhere. We offer a full review of the software installed on a device as well as your cloud applications. We are happy to explain the possibilities for optimizing your licenses as well as the redistribution and renegotiation of your existing contracts.

SAM for Cloud Readiness

Today's IT infrastructure not only needs to be flexible and cost-effective, but also has to meet high security standards. A cloud strategy addresses precisely these requirements: cost reduction, improved scalability, enhanced flexibility and security.

Migrating all or part of the IT infrastructure is a challenge that must not be underestimated. SAM for Cloud Readiness gives you insight into the business, licensing, and technology benefits of using the cloud and identifies optimization potential for your existing cloud licensing.

Our services

We analyze the readiness of your IT infrastructure or parts thereof for migration to the cloud. By request we support you with planning and implementing your short and long-term cloud strategy, always in line with your company objectives. We assess the cloud readiness of your IT infrastructure and advise you on which processes can already be migrated and how to best prepare for the planned cloud migration.

Questions we answer in the course of a SAM for Cloud Readiness project

  • On-premise, cloud or hybrid – which usage model is right for your business?
  • What licensing options are most sensible for migration to the cloud?
  • Fixed price model or pay as you go – which cost model is right for you?
  • How can the administration of your software portfolio be simplified with the help of cloud products?

Opportunities of a SAM for Cloud Readiness project

  • Identification of applications that are ready for migration to the cloud
  • Preparation of a long-term, effective migration plan
  • Identification of opportunities to close licensing gaps by using the cloud
  • Enhanced flexibility thanks to the scalability of the cloud
  • Clarification how improved cost control can be achieved by using the cloud

The scope of a SAM for Cloud Readiness project can vary depending on the size of the IT infrastructure, requirements and objectives. Complex projects are usually divided into several phases. Talk to us, we are happy to advise you.


Rent a license – optimum Microsoft licensing in the rental sector

For peace of mind from a legal perspective and to ensure the best possible protection for license checks, the event technology company GAHRENS + BATTERMANN GmbH decided to initiate a SAM compliance project. Sycor IQ Solutions took over the project and identified new licensing options.

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