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Microsoft Azure: 
The cloud for your success

In the Microsoft environment, we are a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) for Azure China. As a Cloud Solution Provider, we stand for greater flexibility, increased performance, and optimal scalability for youre corporate IT. Secure competitive advantages for yourself with Azure China. We handle delivery, administration, support, and account settlement for all Microsoft Cloud services.

Sycor offers all Microsoft Cloud solutions and services - Office 365, Azure, SharePoint Online, Dynamics 365, and all other Microsoft Online products. The bottom line is a transparent and calculable monthly price for an individual CSP package of Microsoft Cloud solutions. Thanks to our CSP partnership with Microsoft in China, we save companies time in two ways: For one, you are able to start using cloud technologies more quickly and for another, you have only one point of contact to resolve all questions.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure China

  • Faster and local data access from China
  • Greater flexibility, increased power, higher availability, and optimal scalability
  • Connecting your own data center to the Microsoft data center in hybrid scenarios
  • Demand-driven delivery and use with billing down to the minute
  • Fast delivery of new services, cost transparency, and optimized cost management
  • A basis for regular data migration, replication as needed for business continuity, rapid emergency restores, and other high availability strategies
  • Compliance with strict security and data protection directives

Sycor services

  • Analysis, planning, consulting, implementation, maintenance, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-level support 
  • Analysis and evaluation of your data; recommendations for handling data storage 
  • Resource analysis and management 
  • Performance and cost optimization through orchestration of your cloud services 
  • Security, identity, and access 
  • Planning and implementation of cloud services connections appropriate for your business 
  • Updates und releases 
  • Workshops on innovations and product developments 
  • Modular expansion options through embedding Microsoft Azure into Sycor's comprehensive cloud strategy 
  • Managed services for all IaaS/PaaS & SaaS solutions 
  • Software asset management and licensing – for optimal use of the cloud computing services of Microsoft Azure 

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