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Sycor Keeps Growing
Sycor Keeps Growing
We seek talents to complete our teams!

Wanted: team players and clever heads

We successfully support our customers through their digital transformation with innovative IT solutions – and we need you to do that.  Career starters, career changers, or experienced IT professionals: we are always looking for new talent.  Let us grow together!

What makes us different as an employer

The opportunity to be your true self in an environment that brings respect and teamwork to life – that’s what makes us who we are, and it’s what makes Sycor different from other employers. We’re looking for team members who share our enthusiasm for IT solutions; people who find teamwork and having fun at work equally important. It’s the only way a job can become something you’re passionate about. And this is what drives us.

Careers at Sycor: What makes us different as an employer

Work together.

Make a difference together – at many companies it’s an empty phrase, but it’s the culture we live here! We work hand in hand to achieve our goals. 

Be genuine.

You are the way you are – and that’s a good thing! We treat each other with respect and thereby create a working environment where you can completely be yourself.

Create what matters.

Changing the working world for people – that’s our passion! We develop groundbreaking IT solutions which our customers truly need. 

Inspire enthusiasm.

Meet expectations – and exceed them! We don’t just want to satisfy our customers, but impress them.

10 reasons to work for Sycor

We think there is a lot of value in a working atmosphere that is friendly, open,  and feels like family. For us, it is important that professional and private fit together. We are a Great Place To Work and are TOPAS certified.

1. High focus on employees

Our employees create our success – and that of our customers! That’s why we focus on our employees at Sycor.

2. A wide range of career paths

Whether newcomers, young talent, specialists or executives – we open up a wide range of career opportunities for our employees.

3. Targeted involvement of employees

Flat hierarchies, regular surveys, implementing ideas for improvement: We place great value on our employees’ opinions.

4. A real life balance

Flexible working hours, daycare, sports, and telecommuting solutions – this is what a good life balance means to us.

5. Good working atmosphere

Applied values, trusting and respectful relationships – our shared day-to-day teamwork ensures a positive working environment.

6. Interesting tasks

New employees can look forward to national and international projects as well as cross-departmental cooperation in various teams.

7. A company with a bright future

From 14 employees in 1998 to more than 550 in 2018. We’re always growing and have many plans for the future.

8. Open communication

We exchange information with our employees continuously and in real time. Open communication in both directions creates trust.

9. Great extra benefits

Gym membership across Germany, sports, pension fund, inexpensive massages, and endless coffee – to name just a few of our extra benefits.

10. Attractive workplaces

We offer attractive workplaces thanks to locations and projects spanning the global and new deployment opportunities that come up all the time.

Our values

Shared values and guidelines provide a framework for the actions of our employees. Our values provide guidance and define what is most important for us in our day-to-day work. They connect us to each other – and to our customers and partners.

Careers at Sycor: Our values

The people we deal with are important to us. We listen. We respect them. We make sure they are satisfied.

Quality is the measure of our services. We impress. We act responsibly. We never stop improving ourselves.

Expertise is the foundation of everything we do. We learn. We develop. We implement

Sincerity determines the way we interact with others. We are respectful. We are honest. We are reliable.

Fun is the driving force behind our work. We generate creative ideas. We motivate and are motivated. We identify with our work.

Who we are

We have fun at work! This is important to us, because with positive energy we can work together on extraordinary projects!

Careers at Sycor: Who we are
  • We are idealists, team players, unconventional thinkers, comic book nerds now and then, and enthusiastic coffee drinkers.
  • We’re over 600 different personalities and we share a lot of laughs together.
  • We are our own biggest critics.
  • We look for and find practical IT solutions that impress our customers again and again.
  • We are at home in six countries, but always remember where we’re from.
  • We are who we are.
  • We respect, cooperate, and grow beyond our own limits.
  • We bring people and technologies together.

Job openings - we are always on the lookout

As a growing company, we are always looking for strong support for our teams. And our entry possibilities are numerous. We're not only looking for computer nerds - well, them too - but mostly, we're looking for people who are right for us. We work on exciting topics for the future and support our customers on their way to digital transformation.

We look forward to receiving your application, also unsolicited!


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