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Data center Services
Master the challenges of hybrid IT landscapes

Data center services for hybrid scenarios

Modern hybrid IT landscapes have long since become commonplace. The greatest challenge when using different IT service offerings is the smooth interaction of IT solutions in various scenarios. With our data center services, we offer professional solutions for you at the IT infrastructure level, tailored to meet the requirements of a hybrid IT portfolio.

Our services in detail

Sycor's data center services are part of a comprehensive service portfolio designed for hybrid data center scenarios and can be combined as needed. Our data center services are tailored for three service-specific scenarios.

Sycor business cloud

The Sycor business cloud is an IaaS offering that supports your IT-based business processes by delivering flexible computer resources. We are responsible for the availability and trouble-free functioning of your IT landscapes and systems. 

Customer cloud

For the customer cloud, we provide management services encompassing operation at the operating system and application levels by means of remote administration across locations. The management of hybrid IT landscapes is supported.


Online services

In the online services scenario, we administer online solutions for our customers in the public cloud. We also provide professional management including vital monitoring and reporting services.

We offer location-specific data center services in the following forms:

Infrastructure management

Our infrastructure management services ensure the technical basic operation of IT systems in hybrid IT scenarios.

  • You benefit from the assured use of various IT infrastructures. This allows you to reallocate internal IT resources.
  • With a team of about 100 own administrators and specialized partners, Sycor offers a service package that meets the requirements for secure and modern IT management.
  • We also provide managed services to our customers in addition to consulting. Our portfolio includes defined monitoring, alerting, and reporting services.

Device management

Device management ensures the trouble-free and secure use of various devices by our clients.

  • Our device management services ensure the reliable use of both company-owned and private client devices.
  • VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and terminal services deliver modern, proven, and reliable technologies in this context.
  • We develop a client concept for you that is ready for the future, and make sure that the implemented client solutions operate securely.

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