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Compliance implementation with legal certainty

Compliance is a perennial issue in every company. For one thing, legal regulations are always changing and becoming stricter. Auditors examine your IT infrastructure for compliance with these in part confusing rules in the course of audits. For another – and this is the even more critical point – a large proportion of IT security risks originate from a company's own employees. No matter whether they act outside their sphere of authority with intent or unknowingly, inadequately defined authorization concepts and the insufficient separation of functions can lead to massive security gaps. Do you know right now and in detail whether your SAP authorization concept is compliant for every transaction?

Our performance promise

Compliance Services

Direct analysis

We check the separation of functions as well as the assigned authorizations for conformity with the rules using our SOD engine and uncover security gaps.

Closing security gaps

We develop a needs-based authorization and role concept in conjunction with you and implement it.

Auditing acceptability

We ensure that all your transactions comply with the rules and regulations that are binding for you.

Managed compliance

If needed, we check your infrastructure regularly and consistently close any security gaps. Managed services guarantee continuous compliance. 

Compliance management: immediate help and lasting security 

Our SOD engine software solution automatically recognizes whether the separation of functions in your SAP system is implemented according to regulations and sensible in terms of security. An in-depth analysis is performed. Not only do we check your SAP transaction level, we also uncover conflicting, prohibited or risky individual authorizations. 

You decide on the next steps after this check. We assist you with the implementation of a secure authorization and role concept.

  • Fast, software-supported direct analysis: automatic detection of sensible, required separation of functions and authorizations in the SAP environment
  • Individual adaptation of the analysis according to the distribution of roles
  • Detailed analysis report beyond the transaction level, with recommendations
  • No elaborate manual analysis required
  • Supports auditing according to various rules and standards: DSAG guideline(licensed), BSI basic protection catalog (licensed), SOS (Security Optimization Service) of SAP SE
  • Implementation of an authorization and role concept according to the requirements
  • Adherence to compliance directives of lawmakers and other industry or company requirements
  • Protection in case of an audit
  • Improved IT security

Get advice on security risks that can arise from the undiscerning granting of authorizations, with no commitment. Learn how you can get an overview of possible gaps in your system and how to eliminate these with legal certainty, within one workshop day, with our software solution. 

Compliance will remain a perennial issue, but should not be a perennial problem.

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Ensuring compliance is an extensive topic. Our experts are happy to help you with all your questions. Request further information or contact us directly.

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