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Intra- and extralogistic processes in SAP S/4HANA

Logistics: From the supplier to the warehouse 

October 6, 2020

The supply chain of a product or service can be as complex as you like. It dovetails the material and information processes of the business partners with those of your own company. But there is no end to this when it comes to the acceptance of goods: the integration of intralogistic processes brings many advantages.

The better the logistics processes are coordinated, the better they interlock, the more effective, cost-conscious and simply more predictable the supply chain becomes. This is no secret - especially in medium-sized industrial companies, process optimization is rather a business necessity. ERP systems such as SAP S/4HANA not only provide support in the extra-logistics area, but also offer interesting solutions for intralogistics and the comprehensive integration of all logistics processes.

Real-time data for precise process control

SAP S/4HANA is the central element for your digital transformation and thus forms a kind of bracket across the individual processes and partners involved. Within SAP S/4HANA, the SAP Supply Chain Execution Platform (SAP SCE) functions as an integrative end-to-end solution for all logistics processes. In other words, SAP SCE makes it possible to control areas such as warehouse management, transport planning or the control of vehicles in the depot via a central application.

This brings measurable advantages: not only does the system promptly collect supplier data, but warehouse capacities can be compared immediately, the optimal goods receiving ramp can be controlled and production can be adjusted accordingly. The material warehouses are thus used more efficiently - because less vacancies and less over-utilization are the result. Disturbances in the process flow can be detected and eliminated at an early stage, even before more serious effects become noticeable. The combination of extra- and intralogistic data is so precise that manufacturers can, for example, react better and faster to changing demand and implement individual customer requirements. Because if transport and logistics data are available in real time, they draw a realistic picture of the situation - an important prerequisite for taking targeted action.

SAP Opportunities and Solutions Within SAP SCE,  SAP offers a number of special solutions. We would like to briefly introduce three of them to you here:

SAP Transportion Management (SAP TM) supports companies in all activities that are in any way related to the physical transportation of goods. This includes functions such as entering shipping orders, transferring orders and deliveries from the ERP system, creating freight postings and planning, scheduling and monitoring transports, whereby all possible conditions can be included. The company-wide transport volume can thus be consolidated and managed centrally.

All goods movements and stocks in the warehouse can be managed with SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM). The entire warehouse complex can be mapped in the system in detail down to the storage bin level. Different storage types can be created and several warehouses can be overviewed. The registration of incoming and outgoing goods requires only minimal effort and every goods movement can be tracked down to the serial number. Both warehouse disposition and stocktaking are significantly simplified.

The SAP Global Track and Trace (SAP GTT) cloud solution offers numerous functions for tracking processes or objects. The application bundles the shipment information of the partners involved, making it possible to locate each item precisely and to trace batches. SAP GTT is individually adapted to the needs of the company.

Every supply chain includes extra- and intralogistic processes. These are interdependent and merge into one another as if it were a matter of course. If the connections between them are seamless, there is less frictional loss and more efficient processes.

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