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Employee-oriented digitalization 

Employee-oriented digitalization 

August 17, 2022

Realizing the digital transformation and networking of business processes along the entire value chain and across all specialist departments in real time – and also optimizing cooperation with customers, suppliers, and service providers – ensures competitive advantages. Success will come only to those who master the balancing act between the high-level digitalization strategy for the company as a whole and for the specialist departments, without losing sight of individual employees.

Put your employees at the center of digitalization

In order to achieve the intended results of the digital transformation, you should enable your employees to work quickly, intuitively, and with mobile access. As a team – with colleagues, suppliers, and customers. All employees share high expectations regarding the degree of networking, speed of the solutions provided, and their mobile accessibility. And all of them hope for a user experience similar to what they have become accustomed to when using apps in their private lives. Aside from these general requirements, there are highly individual ones: Employees use different solutions more or less intensively, and want to configure their interfaces according to personal preferences.

Overall strategy – implemented step by step

To actually realize the added value of digitalization, an overall strategy for the company's entire value creation and logistics chain including the requirements of all specialist departments must be systematically developed and implemented – with a focus on the employees. Networking beyond company boundaries with suppliers, service providers, and customers, and optimum integration into their processes, are on the digitalization agenda along with utilizing new ways of interacting and communicating with them. It is also clear that not only the applications but also the hardware landscape has to be an integral element of a digitalization strategy.



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