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Vital for customers: perfect service

Efficient service processes thanks to integrated SAP Service Cloud

August 27, 2020

At first glance, these are contradictory requirements: On the one hand, industrial companies must work as efficiently as possible in order to hold their own in global competition. On the other hand, personal, high-quality customer service is a guarantee for loyal customers. How do both go together?  

Competition is global and many business processes are largely digital. In almost every industrial company - regardless of size - a lot has changed in recent years: Digitization means greater efficiency. But doesn't more efficiency also mean less individuality? Does it still exist, the long-standing business relationship at eye level?

First-class service is more important than ever
Your and our daily practice shows it clearly: A good product at a good price, well-organized processes, reliable partners and an adequate customer approach are essential. But the decisive factor for long-term success is first-class customer service. This is by no means to say that this top customer service can do without efficient processes, quite the contrary. For example, if the service technician can access all information on the customer and the products purchased, including a maintenance and service case history, on site, he will be able to provide better advice and support to the customer. Or else: If all inquiries from the customer - regardless of which communication channel they came in via - end up in the right place, the service team can organize optimal support.

The SAP Service Cloud
These are just two of countless examples that show how a well-organized service can achieve greater customer satisfaction. A helpful tool for this is the SAP Service Cloud. This service solution is part of the SAP C/4HANA suite and offers numerous functionalities to optimize service processes. The platform functions practically as a call center, with which you can receive and manage all service orders. As is customary in a modern ticket system, requests can be automatically forwarded to the appropriate responsible colleagues, interactions can be tracked, service level agreements can be stored and analyses of service quality can be carried out.

The Professional Edition of the SAP Service Cloud adds further functionalities: For example, additional contact channels such as social media channels and chats can be integrated. Extensive self-service functions as well as leads, quotes and order management turn the call center into a real service center. The Enterprise Edition also allows time recording, resource and maintenance planning, functions that are particularly important in field service.

Our experience from numerous projects shows how important it is to be able to work integrated. In the case of the SAP Service Cloud, for example, this means that all relevant information is available to the user, even if it is stored in the classic ERP system or other applications. With such an overall view of the customer, including his history, installed base and special requirements, service quality and efficiency can be increased at the same time. And because it is a cloud-native application, the functions are available flexibly and independent of location.

SAP Service Cloud Live Demo
Especially for medium-sized companies, customer service can perhaps be the decisive competitive advantage - compared to globally operating large companies and competitors from all over the world. Whether the SAP Service Cloud fits your individual requirements and what effort it takes to integrate it into your infrastructure should be discussed together during a live demonstration. After all, the solution is not intended to make any generally valid service processes more efficient, but precisely yours.

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Head of SAP Cloud Solutions
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