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    • More capacity for the further development of IT systems relevant for business thanks to a reliable IT landscape that is fit for the future
    • Improved employee satisfaction thanks to a modern workplace with the introduction of online services that enable mobile, networked teamwork
    • Transparency and adherence to security and compliance standards
    • Efficient work through optimized processes with central document storage and digital workflows GmbH & Co. KG – Online job portal makes its IT fit for the future was founded in 1995 as one of the first online job portals in Germany. Today it is among the most popular online German career portals. The infrastructure of the former start-up has also grown over the years. With the support of the digitalization service provider Sycor, the job portal has modernized its IT and is now perfectly positioned for the future. Modern cloud solutions from Microsoft permit maximum flexibility with reliable performance in a contemporary system.

    Due to the company's constant growth, the infrastructure and former applications were no longer suited for the processes and the administrative effort for the online portal had increased. An IT landscape defined by isolated solutions, software programmed in-house, and in part no longer current versions had developed over time. In order to make processes more efficient, consistently use current software, and enable mobile system access for all employees, tackled the IT modernization project jointly with Sycor. "Sycor convinced us with a cohesive overall concept, thereby paving the way to a modern workplace," says Patrick Purnell, Commercial Manager at

    New LAN/WLAN infrastructure and comprehensive security concept

    Sycor took on the implementation and operation in addition to consulting and the conceptual design. An appropriate security concept was implemented as well. Replacing the LAN/WLAN infrastructure was first on the agenda. Sycor looked after the setup (WLAN infrastructure, switches, firewalls including VPN), installation, and commissioning. The local environment was connected to the cloud systems for secure authentication. A comprehensive security package for the existing Windows devices was implemented with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite in combination with Windows 10. Devices can also be administered centrally using the Microsoft online component Intune. What's more, the digitalization service provider developed a concept that ensures the security of third-party systems such as Salesforce or Facebook, and implemented further additive security settings and asset functionality (such as hard drive encryption, remote wiping, and antivirus protection).

    Perfect base for mobile collaboration across locations

    Working productively from just about anywhere with hosted e-mail – Sycor met this requirement with the introduction of Microsoft Exchange Online. The Exchange Server is now delivered entirely as an Office 365 online service. Exchange Online was activated for the scope of functionality, configured, and the users migrated from the local system (Exchange 2013) to Exchange Online. Sycor implemented the Intranet platform Microsoft SharePoint Online at for better internal communication, the optimized exchange of information, and shared document editing. It serves as the central document repository for all projects and will replace the file system going forward. Microsoft SharePoint Online is also suited for the digitalization and automation of processes. "Our team optimized the employee on and off-boarding process for on the basis of SharePoint Online. Many steps that used to be performed manually when hiring new personnel are now automated. Central document storage and editing makes the onboarding process easier as well. After all, numerous different departments are involved in such a process. Control of the access rights ensures that all security and compliance requirements are met," explains Florian Schlee, Account Manager at Sycor.

    Skype for Business Online replaces former telephone system

    Introducing Skype for Business Online was also part of the project scope. The Microsoft solution enables professional online meetings especially for companies. Skype for Business brings the team together – no matter whether they are in the home office, on the road, or abroad. Aside from internal and external telephony, Skype for Business offers added functionality such as chats, online conferences (audio/video), and screen sharing. Online meetings can be initiated spontaneously or planned via Outlook.

    Customer testimonial
    • "Since the renewal, we are less involved in the administration of commodity systems and can dedicate ourselves to issues that actually get the company ahead. Using proven components of high quality promises a considerable improvement in the stability of all systems involved in the working processes."

      Daniel Jeremias, IT Lead, GmbH & Co. KG

      Managed service reduces IT department workload

      In addition to implementing the new infrastructure, Sycor looks after operation. Managed service reduces the workload of the IT department because everyday administrative tasks are largely outsourced. Thus the team can focus on the further development of IT systems that are relevant for business. IT Manager Daniel Jeremias sums it up as follows: "Since the renewal, we are less involved in the administration of commodity systems and can dedicate ourselves to issues that actually get the company ahead. Using proven components of high quality promises a considerable improvement in the stability of all systems involved in the working processes."

      Well advised in cloud licensing matters

      Not only technical challenges need to be overcome when switching from on-premise to the cloud. Licensing is another topic that has to be considered. Sycor's software asset management team looked after licensing law matters. The cloud applications were integrated into the existing software asset management (SAM) process to avoid additional costs and ensure compliance. This is because cloud licenses are also checked in the course of manufacturer audits. Flexibility is a major advantage of cloud licenses. When employees leave the company or new ones are added, the licenses are readily adaptable to current demand. License reporting is easier as well when the company is primarily cloud-licensed. Further information about cloud software asset management is found here.

      Excellent user acceptance thanks to change management

      Above all, IT projects mean new working methods and organizational change. Since a lack of information can lead to the rejection of technical and process changes, counted on active change management. Sycor provided support with consulting regarding the communication strategy and the preparation of an internal project newsletter. It informed the staff about the "" project and the benefits of the new cloud strategy. Regular project updates ensure transparency and therefore user acceptance.

      A successful investment in the future

      Modernizing the IT landscape at began in January of 2018. The first new online services soon went live in May of 2018. "Now our IT department has time for new topics again, and employee satisfaction has improved," says Patrick Purnell. Sycor Account Manager Florian Schlee is also satisfied with the course of the project, and looks forward to future cooperation: "We successfully implemented a modern IT landscape that is fit for the future at – including everything that goes with that. Switching from 100% Microsoft Office on-premise to 100% cloud is something we are especially proud of. This puts in a favorable position for further digitalization." 

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