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  • Implementation of iPads as OneDevice for Pharma Group
    • Individual training concept for the professional use of iPads as part of a OneDevice strategy
    • Two full-day onsite training sessions, each with a different focus, in small groups

    Introduction of iPads as One Device for Sales Organization: a customized training concept with concrete practical relevance

    The task: development and implementation of a customized training concept with concrete practical relevance for a leading pharmaceutical company. 
      The challenge: To train a team of more than 160 sales representatives in the use of an all-in-one device for everyday business.

    One Device in Field Service

    The sale of products that require a great deal of explanation can only succeed efficiently if the field sales staff always have all the latest specialist information at their fingertips and are able to quickly view the respective customer situation, etc. This means that they have to be optimally equipped in terms of technology. In other words, they must be optimally equipped technically. At the same time, they are naturally on the road a lot, so they need technical devices that are suitable for mobile use. With its OneDevice strategy, the company launched an initiative to standardize the equipment in the sales teams and provide field sales staff with a powerful all-in-one device.

    Even though the basic handling and work with an iPad was not new for the users, the OneDevice approach changed the way of working as well as the applications in daily use. In order to cope with this change and to optimally prepare the employees for the new way of working, the company planned a targeted IT qualification measure. More than 160 users, spread across several regions in Germany, were to receive comprehensive training as part of the OneDevice strategy.

    Tailor-made training concept

    The company chose Sycor as its partner for implementing the training. "We didn't want general application training, but a training concept that was precisely tailored to our needs," says the project manager. "Our employees had different levels of prior knowledge - it was essential to take this into account. It was also important for us to learn how to use the iPads professionally using concrete, business-relevant case studies."

    The Sycor training team implemented these requirements 1:1. First, the participants were asked about their previous knowledge. On this basis, Sycor developed an individual training concept: Two full-day classroom training sessions were held for each of the 17 groups. On the first day, the focus was on handling the device and basic apps, refreshing existing knowledge and aligning different levels of knowledge. The second day of training followed several days later, during which the participants were able to internalize what they had learned and try it out in practice. In addition to a short review phase, the focus here was on handling relevant applications such as Outlook, Zoom, Teams and OneDrive with many examples and exercises from practice. The training was concluded with Q&A sessions, i.e. online consultation sessions with the respective trainer, in which the participants could ask questions and problems from practice were solved. "We were able to train exactly the applications in detail and with real data that the employees use in their daily work," Oksana Köster-Remen, lead trainer at Sycor, describes the training sessions. "This practical relevance makes a lot of sense. We also held intensive Q&A rounds at intervals following the training sessions. This gave all participants another opportunity to share their experiences and clarify specific questions."

    On-site training in small groups

    The pandemic also presented the company and Sycor with the question of whether it was possible and responsible to conduct classroom training. The decision was made in favor of onsite training. With the division into small groups, the hygiene concepts in the conference hotels and the corona testing of all participants, it was possible to conduct the training courses in-person in a responsible manner.

    The feedback from the employees was very good. "Many questions, especially technical ones, can be clarified more quickly and better when you look at the same device side by side," sums up Oksana Köster-Remen. "Onsite training sessions are also optimal for us trainers. You perceive the mood in the room much better, can motivate the participants more easily and respond to questions more specifically." "The trainings were of high professional quality, clearly structured, lively and very well moderated," confirms the client's project manager. "The colleagues were enthusiastic - they felt very well looked after and were happy about the direct personal exchange."


    In order to implement digital transformation, it is necessary to bring the users along and - as in this case - prepare them for the changed working conditions with a single mobile device. With individual, practice-oriented training from Sycor, employees develop the necessary knowledge and acceptance for the changes.

    Project & Services

    • Individual training concept for the professional use of iPads as part of a OneDevice strategy
    • Implementation of two full-day onsite trainings, each with a  different focus, in small groups
    • Q&A sessions to clarify specific questions
    • Transfer of know-how based on concrete, business-relevant case studies with the applications used in practice (e.g. Outlook, Zoom, Teams, OneDrive)


    • Professionally and practically trained sales representatives
    • High motivation and great learning successes through professionally competent and lively onsite trainings
    • Seamless transition from multi-device/laptop environment to OneDevice use

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