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    Sycor ensures good connections

    The experts at Sycor are managing the University of Göttingen‘s telecommunication system, which features 13,000 conections, therefrom 250 IP-based connections. The system‘s subscriber numbers are increasing.

    Sycor has been managing the University of Göttingen‘s telecommunication system since January 1, 2009. Although initially planned as a two-year project, last spring, this partnership was extended until 31 December 2012. Arnold Weitemeier, head of the university‘s Telecommunications Department, explains why the contract was extended so soon: „We have been very impressed with Sycor. They are a reliable partner with a wealth of expertise in telecommunications and excellent service.“

    Operating the telecommunication system entails a range of challenges, including the simultaneous use of a Philips digital telecom system with some 13,000 extensions at six locations and an IP-based Cisco Unified Communication Manager System with 250 users. Other complex tasks include linking these two systems and integrating other applications such as UMS, CTI and attendant consoles. „Since the university clinic‘s landlines are part of the system Sycor is managing, we have to ensure 24/7 availability, especially for emergency calls, 365 days a year. We achieved this high availability by employing redundant connections that ensure optimum system protection. In this way, partial system outages are immediately rectified,“ says Sycor CEO Rüdiger Krumes, explaining yet another challenge.

    Customer testimonial
    • "Sycor impressed us as a reliable partner with telecommunications know-how and very good service."

      Arnold Weitemeier, Head of Telecommunications, Georg-August-University Göttingen

      Sycor‘s services for the system are extensive and include installing security patches and software updates, changing configurations, modifying the system, backing up systems and providing troubleshooting and 24/7 support. Sycor is also supplying the necessary hardware for the system. „We‘re providing all the 2nd level services for the operation of the entire telecommunication system. The university is handling on-site support on its own,“ says Rüdiger Krumes. In addition, Sycor has a service manager who coordinates and processes incoming calls for incidents and changes as well as other service requests.

      „We‘re going to collaborate with our partner Sycor to upgrade the IP-based Cisco system to version 8.x this year. Looking toward the future, „This will make it even easier to integrate mobile users,“ says Arnold Weitemeier from the University of Göttingen. Further expansion of the system is scheduled for 2011.

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