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    Bayer Vital and Sycor form partnership

    1st and 2nd level CRM support from a single source

    Bayer AG is an international Life Science company with a history of nearly 160 years and core competencies in the areas of health care and agriculture. The Bayer Group is managed through three divisions: Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health and Crop Science. Worldwide, the company is comprised of approximately 385 affiliates in 83 countries (2020). The corporate purpose "Science for a better life" reflects the development of pioneering innovations in medical care and agriculture. This is how the vision "Health for all, hunger for none" is realized. Bayer is a global player, and at the same time, with its 13 locations and around 23,000 employees in Germany, it is one of the country's largest employers.

    Rethinking Front Office Support

    The activities of the Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Health Divisions in Germany are coordinated under the umbrella of Bayer Vital GmbH. There was the need to reorganize the „Front Office Support" for approximately 900 sales representatives who plan and document their daily sales activities in three interconnected CRM systems (Veeva and The Front Office Support is the primary contact point for the field sales force for all questions concerning the CRM systems (1st level). Very good and direct availability as well as a high first resolution rate are the decisive success factors to effectively support the business.

    Furthermore, due to internal changes in the Bayer organization, it was necessary for the Front Office Support to also be involved in additional tasks and projects that are important for the operation and further development of the CRM systems and to act more as application support (2nd level).

    Turning the idea into a solution

    In 2022, Bayer Vital decided to implement the desired support model with Sycor. Sycor is a certified Veeva Premiere Services Partner in three areas and was able to bring forward a coherent overall concept and an innovative pricing model in the selection process. Sycor's experience from more than 15 long-term support contracts with customers from the Life Science sector, as well as its strong know-how about the CRM systems used and the way the sales organization works, were also important decision-making criteria for the customer.

    In a 3-month transition phase, the new model was implemented and stabilized. The foundation was laid with a technical onboarding and professional handover. In addition, the support processes, and the model of cooperation between Bayer, Sycor and other service providers were defined and realized. For Marcel Orth, who coordinated the transition phase, this is a crucial building block. "Even though our customers’ CRM systems are often very similar, in the end it is the processes and their realization in the systems that pose the greatest challenge. For me, it comes down to structuring and establishing both the professional and the personal cooperation."

    After just a few weeks, the switch was flipped: Since then, an average of 20 to 30 enquiries from the sales reps are handled every day in a fast, direct and friendly manner. The Service Manager Ali Serkan Sahbaz is satisfied with the resolution rate, which regularly exceeds the planned SLAs: "Of course, the performance has to be right, but in the end, we are happy about satisfied customers. The positive feedback from the sales representatives and from our service partners are the best proof of this.”

    Bayer Vital visiting Sycor in Göttingen, February 2023

    Innovative pricing model

    Another important aspect in the cooperation is the "Adaptive Scaling Model", based on which the services are charged." A fixed flat rate or a pricing model based on T&M only is not expedient for either side. In view of the volatility of a support project, other solutions are required. We answer this demand for flexibility with our „Adaptive Scaling Model“, based on which we provide and charge for the necessary resources and services according to demand," explains Jessika Steckenborn, Account Executive at Sycor.


    After only a few months, the cooperation has already been intensified: For example, additional tasks around application support (2nd level) have been jointly identified and successively transferred to Sycor. With a team of certified administrators, further critical business processes are being supported, e.g., in medical events, consent and territory alignment.

    For Fang Ley, Head of Company Management at Bayer, this extension of the scope is logical: "We benefit from the fact that both 1st and 2nd level tasks are taken over by our partner Sycor. We reduce the number of suppliers, avoid additional communication interfaces and create free space on our side for core business and new projects."

    Questions and answers

    Bayer AG relies on a global support structure, why does Bayer Vital additionally count on a local support partner?

    Christian Kern, Enabling Service & Partner Operations at Bayer Vital: "This is made possible by the global statement "Country support is a country matter". Bayer Vital GmbH, as the German representative of Bayer AG for healthcare products, is characterized by a very large field service. Global support is not prepared for the characteristics of the sales force and the sales reps lose a lot of time explaining things. The main issue for support requests is related to the CRM system used. Sycor has become specialized in the needs of Bayer Vital sales reps over the last months. As the first contact for the sales rep, Sycor can quickly decide whether an immediate solution is possible or when a ticket to global support is required. It is important that the sales rep is released from further communication with global support.”

    What do you think is the key business value in outsourcing front office support for sales reps?

    Fang Ley, Head of Company Management at Bayer Vital: "It is crucial for Bayer Vital that we can focus on our core business activities. A trustworthy and competent IT partner at our side is essential. In concrete terms, this means that our front office support partner stays technically up to date and guarantees us good support in the long term. Good cooperation not only increases mutual trust, but also the quality and competence of the support.”

    From the service manager's point of view, what is the benchmark for good support? 

    Ali Serkan Sahbaz, Service Manager at Sycor: "First and foremost, our support must be customer-centric and provide added value. Just as important is good teamwork and having fun at work. This is the way a partnership can develop continuously and sustainably."


    Jessika Steckenborn

    Sales Manager 
    Life Sciences
    +49 551 38398 23 

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