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    WHW Hillebrand excited about Signavio: Process visualization made easy

    The Signavio software from SAP wins over the surface coating specialist WHW Hillebrand. Process analysis not only assists the company in its digitalization projects but also supports decisions throughout the enterprise with the figures it generates.

    WHW Hillebrand is one of the most important companies for corrosion protection in Europe. Its scope extends from zinc, zinc alloy and duplex processes to organic corrosion protection coatings. The owner-managed company founded in 1937 has developed into one of Europe’s largest and most capable providers for the protective coating of mass production articles.

    BADA AG - SAP ERP Einführung

    WHW Hillebrand has focused on digitalization tasks for a few years now. The topic is so important to the company that it became a permanent part of the business strategy. To ensure success, IT managers Patrick Schnapp and Michael Stammen looked for a suitable solution for process development and process mapping. “We needed the right software and the right partner for a structured approach to the topic of digitalization,” says Patrick Schnapp, Head of Digitalization and IT at WHW. “We kept encountering limits with our old software. So we went looking for new software that genuinely fits our needs. We decided on Signavio. We are not the only ones excited about Signavio. Other departments are as well, all the way to company management. The product’s added value is easy to understand,” says Michael Stammen, Process Developer and Deputy Head of IT.

    Customer feedback
    • "Since 2009, Sycor has provided us with reliable support for our ERP system, the heart of our company. We were able to rely on Sycor for the implementation of Signavio as well, and are very pleased. We have rarely experienced training of such high quality. It helped us a great deal in learning more about the benefits and possibilities of the solution."

      Patrick Schnapp , Head of Digitalization and IT, WHW Hillebrand 

      WHW Hillebrand visualizes current processes with Signavio, evaluates them, and builds a catalog. Modeling the current state of processes clearly reveals weaknesses that can then be evaluated. The figures that are generated also assist with business decisions. “Signavio is a powerful tool that can do so much more.  We are not fully realizing the potential yet. In the long term, we want to link all processes to Signavio,” Schnapp emphasizes.

      Patrick Schnapp and Michael Stammen see the benefits of Signavio in its intuitive operation and the various display options, which can be created and modified quickly. Complex issues can be abstracted and sub-processes shown with just one click. SAP also provides ongoing updates.

      Stammen has this advice for other companies: “Take your time implementing Signavio. It’s not something you do on the side, it takes some time to get everything into the system. But it pays off and you get to know yourself and the company even better in the process.”

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