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  • Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH
    • Integration of sensor data into the SAP landscape via the SAP Cloud Platform 
    • Real-time analysis of sensor data for better customer service 
    • Faster identification of service incidents 
    • Reduced post-qualification of service tickets 
    • Long-term viability and flexibility thanks to platform architecture 

    Service optimization thanks to real-time data

    Durable and reliable PILLER blowers are used worldwide. But that is not enough for the global player based in Lower Saxony. The company wants to offer even better service to its customers. Maintaining technology leadership with predictive maintenance, minimal machine downtime and new digital service approaches is the goal. PILLER put its money on IoT technology from SAP and on Sycor's know-how to accomplish this. In the future scenario, PILLER customers will be able to further optimize the capacity utilization of their blowers using sensor data – and PILLER Customer Service will be able to respond even more quickly when service is required.  

    Piller Blowers & Compressors manufactures high quality blowers and compressors for the process industry. Various sectors such as refining and the chemicals, food, and pharmaceuticals industries depend on PILLER machines. PILLER blowers are critical for production. For optimum integration into process plants, PILLER makes all its blowers to order and places special emphasis on optimum machine availability. Further improving this within the scope of the company's digitalization strategy is the goal.

    Digitalization for even better customer service  

    "We chose SAP as our digitalization platform in 2017," is how Nils Englund, Managing Partner of PILLER, describes the initial situation. The company introduced SAP S/4HANA along with the SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud for its customer-related processes. In a second step, Research and Development, Sales, and IT at PILLER in cooperation with SAP developed a prototype for the real-time monitoring of its blowers via the SAP Cloud Platform. 

    Customer testimonial
    • "We highly value our long-term cooperation with Sycor. Here we get everything from one source: consulting for SAP as well as topics such as networks and data communication. This integrated support makes a significant contribution to advancing our company's digitalization."

      Thomas Henzler, CIO, Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH

      Sensors will record critical parameters such as pressure, temperature, vibrations, and output directly on the machine in real time in the future. These data are collected and evaluated in the SAP Cloud Platform. In case of an anomaly, both the machine operator and PILLER Customer Service are notified automatically via a ticket generated in the SAP Service Cloud. "Thanks to the new solution, our Customer Service can respond to service requests more quickly and is able to effectively reduce the effort for post-qualification. That genuinely adds value, especially for our customers," Englund says.

      Possible further developments are also taken into account. A platform that allows customers to view the digital twin of their machine at any time along with all tickets is the next logical step. Ideas for the use of artificial intelligence are currently being developed in Göttingen and Moringen. 

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      Feel free to contact me if you have questions about the project or SAP Lonardo and SAP IoT solutions in general. I am looking forward to your inquiry!

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