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  • Bada AG
    • Process standardization and automation
    • Transparency and flexible adjustment of processes
    • Cost reduction in the IT organization
    • Optimal basis for company growth

    SAP ERP implementation increases transparency and efficiency in all processes

    An outdated IT system and new market demands meant Bada AG needed a complete restructuring of its entire IT landscape. The implementation of an ERP solution based on SAP Business All-in-One is set to optimally position the company for future developments. The implementation was managed by Göttingen full-range IT service provider Sycor, which impressed Bada with its in-depth SAP and industry expertise.

    Headquartered in Bühl in Baden-Württemberg, Bada AG has been developing, manufacturing and selling high-quality thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers for  a diverse range of sectors including the automobile, electronic, sport and leisure, construction, furniture-making, medical technology and household goods industries since 1997. The company‘s first international location, Bada Hispanaplast, was established in Huesca, Spain in 2005. The Bada Group began operating two of the  world‘s most modern compounding works in 2007 and following its latest technological expansion, has a production capacity of approximately 30,000 tons/year.

    The most recent balance sheet shows a net turnover of around 76 million euros. Bada‘s distinctive, high-quality specialty compounds are now exported to over 50 countries around the world.

    SAP ERP implementation at BADA AG

    Optimized processes and transparent information

    Due to the development of the company and the market, Bada‘s previous software solution was no longer adequate for the demands of rapid and efficient production. „Our old solution had reached its limits. Too many manual tasks, too many interfaces between the information transfer from incoming orders to invoicing,“ says Andreas Schettler, Managing Director of Bada AG, describing the starting point of the project. The requirements for the new system were quickly defined: along with purchasing, financial accounting and controlling, the newly integrated system would need to map production, sales and logistics. Not only would the central system be replaced, but processes would also be improved and optimized. The core of the new software architecture is an ERP solution based on SAP Business All-in-One.

    Complex implementation including add-on modules

    Bada AG chose SYCOR GmbH as its implementation partner following initial discussions at the FAKUMA 2012 plastics trade fair. Sycor‘s many years of SAP industry experience for the plastics processing industry also had a positive influence on the decision. Sycor handled the implementation of the complex overall ERP solution including the SAP modules for sales (SD), materials management (MM), production planning and control (PP), finance (FI), controlling (CO) and project system (PS). An integration with the AZO mixing system for the manufacturing of pellets was also required. „Using the SAP standard, we created a custom solution for Bada AG which is very flexible and which maps business processes in a highly integrated way. We were therefore able to successfully implement a full integration from the machine level in the process industry up to cost accounting in controlling,“ says Dietmar Lohr, project manager at SYCOR GmbH.

    Customer testimonial
    • "Our collaboration with Sycor was uncomplicated and professional. We were also impressed by the short duration of the project, which was possible thanks to Sycor's extensive industry and SAP expertise. Sycor was a reliable and equal partner during the entire project."

      Andreas Schettler, Managing Director, BADA AG

      A future-focused, integrated overall solution

      Thanks to the comprehensive improvement of its processes, Bada AG is also optimally positioned for the future development of the company. This creates a  competitive advantage, because information can be accessed more quickly and in a more targeted way. „The switch from our old system to SAP ERP gives us clear advantages. Many production steps can now be dealt with more effectively than before. In addition to processes related to production, we can now better evaluate and control our company as well,“ explains Schettler. It has also become easier to manage different customer orders and control material and product flows.

      „Our collaboration with Sycor was uncomplicated and professional. We were also impressed by the short duration of the project, which was possible thanks to Sycor‘s  extensive industry and SAP expertise. Sycor was a reliable and equal partner during the entire project,“ says Schettler, summing up the project on a positive note. A roll-out of the ERP system for the company‘s branch in Spain is being considered for a later date.

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