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Digital lead generation for midsize enterprises 

Digital lead generation for midsize enterprises 

August 17, 2022

Digital lead generation – new customer acquisition via the Internet: how it works!


74 % 
of all B2B purchasers
first search online for offers for at least half of their orders. (Forbes 2016)
30 % 
of all B2B purchasers
first search online for offers for at least half of their orders. (Forbes 2016)

Consistent, structured data and powerful software that is capable of analyzing the collected data are essential for a digitalized company. But first things first: As a business leader, you know how difficult contact acquisition and management can be. What tools help you acquire new contacts and manage them successfully?

The website – your magnet for new customer contacts

Your website helps you generate new customer contacts. It should be informative, current, clearly structured, and mobile-friendly – because using mobile devices is steadily gaining popularity, also in the working world. Integrate your online shop directly into the website so your customers can quickly access the information that is relevant to them. This also lets them order your products immediately. Through the seamless integration of your online shop with the internal ERP system, you can offer useful information such as stock levels in real time, delivery terms, variant configuration, and quantity discounts.

Automatic lead generation via the website

With the right tools, you can also record the companies that visit your website, the pages a visitor looks at, and on which pages a visitor spends the most time. This information can be used to automatically generate a lead in the CRM system. Then your sales staff can approach the customer – with valuable information to back them up. You can also record the on-screen clicks and mouse movements to better understand a potential customer's problem. When a customer fails to complete the ordering process, a corresponding note is made in your CRM system for reactivation directly by your sales team or using automated e-mail offers.

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