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Uncomplicated control of confirmations of receipt in the SAP system

Goods arrived?

June 4, 2020

Intra-community deliveries - i.e. deliveries of goods within the EU - are generally exempt from VAT. However, German companies have to prove with a confirmation of receipt that the delivery has actually reached its destination. What may seem complicated at first glance can be easily controlled within the SAP system using a convenient add-on solution.

Doing business with companies within the EU is part of everyday life for many German companies. For the above mentioned deliveries there are some documentation requirements to be fulfilled. These include in particular the confirmation of receipt. The confirmation of receipt serves as official proof that you, as an entrepreneur, have actually delivered a product to your business partner in another EU country. For this purpose he must confirm receipt of the goods. Only if you can prove this, the tax-free delivery is recognized.  

An additional piece of paper and even more administrative work, one might think, which can even cause trouble now and then: After all, this is a purely German regulation which must be explained to foreign business partners. However, if this proof is missing, the German tax authorities can obtain a subsequent assessment of the VAT. This can become a considerable risk for your company.

Seamless integration into the overall process

In practical everyday life, this means that for each delivery to a foreign EU country, such proof with certain mandatory information must be obtained and archived. To ensure that this is done smoothly and with as little effort as possible, seamless integration with the corresponding processes in the SAP system is important. In addition, it makes sense if the whole thing runs as a sub-process largely automated.

We have developed an additional SAP solution for precisely these requirements. With the Sycor Add-On, the confirmation of receipt is easily generated within the SAP standard process and can be managed just as easily. The receipt is sent as a PDF document by e-mail directly to the recipient of the goods, optionally also as an interactive PDF document. If necessary, the recipient can make changes, such as entering the actual quantity received, confirming receipt of the delivery and sending the document back to a mailbox managed by your SAP system. The practical thing about this is that the assignment to the corresponding SAP document is completely automatic, you only need to intervene if there are special features in the assignment. But even this is very uncomplicated: In a monitoring transaction, you can track all processes at any time and make missing assignments. This gives you a detailed overview of the entire process at all times - all the information you need for your accounting or that the auditor wants to see is included. In addition, you will also find the confirmation of receipt of the corresponding SAP document. In this way, your employees always remain informed in their working environment.

It is particularly important to us that our SAP add-ons have great practical value, but that they require as little effort as possible. Just a few steps to integration are enough to optimize the process from start to finish and make it transparent. We are happy to support you in this - so that the confirmation of success is transformed from a nerve factor to a self-evident, fully integrated component.

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