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Integration of sensor data with SAP 

Integration of sensor data with SAP 

October 18, 2019

Internet of Things made tangible: Integration of sensor data

Reinhard Schmelz as SAP Solution Architect at SYCOR GmbH promotes SAP Leonardo and the SAP Cloud Platform. Among other things, he is currently working on IoT scenarios for the integration and utilization of sensor data. He tells us about the resulting benefits and application scenarios in the interview.

Reinhard, you and your team are working on the integration of sensor data with SAP IoT Service. What are the benefits of this solution architecture?

Generally speaking, sensor data are easy to capture and process for subsequent use with the new product SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CP) IoT Service. In addition to the direct and secure connection between the sensor and SAP CP IoT Service, it is now also possible to connect to SAP CP IoT Service with an IoT Edge Gateway.

But due to the large volume of data collected in SAP CP IoT Service, a direct replication of the data in the back-end system is often not desirable. Thus the integration of relevant data can be realized with SAP CP Integration. This means only data for further utilization are transferred.

Using SAP Cloud Platform Integration (formerly known as SAP HCI) to distribute data to additional cloud or on-premise systems suggests itself, for example to SAP Hybris Cloud for Service or, for further analysis, to SAP Business Objects Cloud. This makes the monitoring of both mobile and stationary production systems very straightforward, so that problems can be corrected in a timely manner. As soon as a threshold is exceeded, IoT Service issues an alert that can be transferred to the Cloud for Service as a service ticket. Now the employees in service can act.

How exactly does the system work?

Recorded data are transferred to SAP IoT Service using numerous standard protocols such as MQTT, REST, or also MODBUS. Today it is theoretically possible to collect data via a field service employee's smartphone as well, using apps such as the iOS application SensorPhone available free of charge in the App Store, or the SAP Cloud Platform IoT Gateway app for iOS available in the coming IoT Service release. These apps control the sensors installed in every smartphone and convert the data to the JSON format, among others, before sending them directly to IoT Service. An astounding variety of data can be collected with such apps! Acceleration, air pressure, temperature, position, and sound are just some examples. Information about the source and collection time is conveniently added to the data to ensure consistent processing.

What are some fields of application for this system?

There is no end to them! Just look at quality assurance for instance. When quality assurance demands the constant monitoring of certain data, the possibilities appear virtually unlimited. IoT Service issues an alert when a threshold value is exceeded. It is transferred to the Cloud for Service by SAP CP Integration in combination with the new product SAP CP Workflow Service and generates a service ticket. Thus service employees can respond to a fault quickly. Naturally the collected data can also be analyzed and subsequently used, for example with the BusinessObjects Cloud or SAP Lumira. Both are able to analyze and present the data in seconds via the available APIs for IoT Service. This makes it possible to efficiently review KPIs.

Where can interested parties obtain more information about this scenario?

At HMI. We are presenting a live demo from April 24 to 28 at our SAP partner exhibition stand in hall 7. Just drop in to see us if you are interested. I am also exploring this scenario in more detail during my presentation "Service in a new dimension: How to revolutionize your processes with SAP Leonardo and the SAP Cloud Platform" on Monday, April 24 at 4:00 pm and Thursday, April 27 at 12:00 noon in the SAP Live Forum. Anyone is welcome to drop by!

Thank you for talking to us, Reinhard.

Do you have further questions?

You are interested in the topic of Integration of sensor data with SAP and would like to get further information? Please get in touch with us. 



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