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Integration of Microsoft and SAP

Integration of Microsoft and SAP

November 13, 2019

Our 3 tips for the integration of SAP and Microsoft applications

Many companies are using both SAP and Microsoft products today. For the combination of solutions to realize its full potential, the products need to be seamlessly integrated. In addition to an intelligent system architecture, the following three points in particular should be taken into account here:

1. Licensing

Companies often pay excessive license fees compared to what they actually need. Major savings can be realized through licensing adjustments. Indirect use is a major issue in this context for SAP in particular. SAP defines indirect use as access to SAP data by third-party systems. Every user who accesses SAP data indirectly has to be licensed, which can be quite challenging in a modern, integrated IT landscape. A comprehensive licensing consultation helps prevent over or under-licensing.

2. Release cycles

Both Microsoft and SAP have specific release cycles and product roadmaps. Checking to what extent these roadmaps fit together is important. Otherwise you will need to constantly adapt the interfaces to changes in one product or the other. Once again a competent expert can advise you and put together the optimal combination of SAP and Microsoft solutions for you.

3. Process distribution

It is important to clearly define what processes are to be mapped in which system. Many processes can be carried out both with Microsoft and with SAP. One solution or the other may be better for a certain company. In the end it is often a matter of preference. This means you should define in detail how to use the two products to best advantage. Interesting third-party products and solutions are often available on the market as well. These can be particularly well suited for certain processes and offer suitable interfaces to Microsoft and SAP. In view of the many possible stumbling blocks when using Microsoft and SAP solutions together, getting advice from a specialist is worthwhile. Often the long-term savings exceed the costs for consulting and integration of the solution by an expert. You want to know more about the integration of SAP and Microsoft applications? Just contact us.

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