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Sycor donates €5,000

November 15, 2022

Corona and its effects, the war in Ukraine and the resulting energy crisis, inflation - there are many reasons for a company to carry out the Christmas fundraising campaigns again this year. In addition, there are also the challenges that life brings. Diseases, for example. That's why Sycor is continuing its annual Christmas donation campaign with the involvement of its employees. This year, donations of €2,500 each will go to the Löwenherz e.V. children's hospice and the Tafel Deutschland e.V. (food bank). 

Where the money goes is decided by the employees

As in previous years, Sycor is again involving its employees in selecting organizations to which the money is to be donated in 2022. They were thus able to name institutions they would like to support. This year's focus was primarily on organizations that target the needy, where subsistence is no longer enough for the bare necessities, and again in the area of improving the lives of children - especially those affected by illness. Thus the choice fell on these two organizations, which can be pleased about an amount of 2,500 € each.

Kinderhospiz Löwenherz e.V.

The Löwenherz Children's Hospice in Syke near Bremen takes in children, adolescents and young adults with life-shortening illnesses for which a cure is impossible according to the current state of medicine. In addition, with its outpatient children's hospice support centers in Bremen and Lower Saxony, the association offers assistance and support to affected families.

Tafel Deutschland e.V. / Foto: Thomas Lohnes | Getty Images

©Tafel Deutschland e.V. / Photo: 
Thomas Lohnes | Getty Images

Tafel Deutschland e.V.

Voluntary, independent, showing solidarity: This is how the more than 960 food banks in Germany work to combat food waste and poverty. They support over two million people with rescued food. The Tafeln collect surplus food that was destined for the trash but is still good and edible. They pass this on free of charge or for a small amount to people with little money. In this way, they work independently of political parties and denominations to combat food waste and alleviate poverty.

Sycor wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Sycor is pleased to be able to make a small contribution again this year to support non-profit organizations in their important work with a donation. For Sycor, "We give IT a face" also means getting involved with others. In this spirit, we wish you and your relatives a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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